California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Process

There are three Types of CEQA documents prepared by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning:

  1. Categorical Exemptions (CE)
  2. Negative Declarations (ND)
  3. Environmental Impact Reports (EIR)
  1. MLU: Master Land Use
  2. EAF: Environmental Assessment Form
  3. NOD: Notice of Determination
  4. NOP: Notice of Preparation
  5. DEIR: Draft Environmental Impact Report
  6. FEIR: Final Environmental Impact Report

1 See the City of Los Angeles California Environmental Quality Act Guidelines for a list of projects that are Categorically Exempt.

2 Notices are published in the Los Angeles Times on Thursdays.

3 Public Scoping Meetings will be held during the NOP comment period for Regionally Significant EIRs.

4 All CEQA challenges must be filed within thirty days of the NOD being filed with the County Clerk.