Hearing Notices

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02/13/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-4101-CUB 1574-1576 West Colorado Boulevard14
02/13/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-4179-CUB 3423-3429 West 8th Street10
02/13/2018Area Planning CommissionZA-2016-2548-CUB-CUX-1A 520, 520 ½ and 522 North La Brea Avenue5
02/13/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3472-CU 4551-4567 West Pico Boulevard; 1283-1293 South Muirfield Road10
02/13/2018Zoning AdministrationDIR-2016-1722-RV-PA1 Rusty Mullet-1708 North Las Palmas Avenue13
02/07/2018Subdivision TractsVTT-74239, CPC-2016-4219-GPA-ZC; CPC-2016-4220-SN; CPC-2016-2595-DA-CU-MCUP-CUX-SPR 1240-1260 S. Figueroa Street & 601 W. Pico Boulevard,1300 S. Figueroa Street, 535 W. Pico Boulevard, 520-638 W. Pico Boulevard, 1220-1308 S. Flower Street, & 1309-1315 S. Flower Street14
02/07/2018City Planning CommissionVTT-74239, CPC-2016-4219-GPA-ZC, CPC-2016-2595-DA-CU-MCUP-CUX-SPR, CPC-2016-4220-SN 1240-1260 S. Figueroa Street & 601 W. Pico Boulevard,1300 S. Figueroa Street, 535 W. Pico Boulevard, 520-638 W. Pico Boulevard, 1220-1308 S. Flower Street, & 1309-1315 S. Flower Street 14
02/06/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-380-D 8201 Bellgave Place4
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-2059-ELD-SPR 3160 West Geneva Street13
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3781-CUB 539 South Western Avenue10
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3769(CUB) 621 South Western Avenue10
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2012-0721-CUB-PA1 845 South Figueroa Street (841 South Figueroa Street)9
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3657-MPA 905 East 2nd Street, Suite 10814
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2016-4645-ZAA-SPP 4000 North Barryknoll Drive1
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2015-3571-ZAD-SPP 512 North Rustic Drive1
01/30/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2016-3035-ZAD-SPP 3564 North Kinney Street1
01/24/2018Zoning AdministrationZA 2017-3591(CUB) 3200 West 8th Street (3202 – 3210 West 8th Street, 801 South Fedora Street)10
01/24/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3363-CUB 724 North Vine Street13
01/24/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3375-CUB 600 South New Hampshire Avenue, Unit 1F (600-602 South New Hampshire Avenue and 3220-3222 West 6th Street)10
01/24/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2005-7016-CUB-CUX-PA2 103 East 6th Street (101-135 East 6th Street and 554-564 South Main Street)14
01/24/2018Subdivision TractsCPC-2016-2683-GPA-VZC-HD-CUB-DB-SPR, VTT-74309Deputy Advisory Agency1800-1810 E. 7th Street and 712 S. Decatur Street14
01/24/2018Parcel MapsAA-2017-3170-PMLA-SLSubdivisions/Hearing Officer1107 S. Hobart Blvd.10
01/24/2018Subdivision TractsVTT-74783Subdivisions/Hearing Officer3100 W. 8th Street10
01/24/2018Subdivision TractsVTT-70675-CNSubdivisions/Hearing Officer1505-1515 Holt Avenue5
01/23/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2016-952-ZAD-SPP 448 West Beech Street1
01/23/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3526-CUW 2932 East Whittier Boulevard14
01/23/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3889-F 9344 West Nightingale Drive4
01/23/2018Area Planning CommissionDIR-2017-422-BSA-1A 1410 North Tanager Way4
01/23/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-2898-ZV 2811 West Leeward Avenue1
01/23/2018Zoning AdministrationZA 2017-4464(CUB) 368 East 2nd Street and 203 South Central Avenue14
01/23/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3529(CUB) 3450 West 6th Street, #10210
01/17/2018Zoning AdministrationZA 2017-3446-VCU-CUB-ZAA-SPR 966 South Dewey Avenue (974, 978 South Dewey Avenue and 969 South Catalina Street)10
01/17/2018Zoning AdministrationZA 2017-3333(CUB) 1400-1408 North Vine Street13
01/17/2018Parcel MapsAA-2017-829-PMLA-SL 1905 North Grace Avenue4
01/17/2018Subdivision TractsVTT-74572 627-647 South Western Avenue, 636-638 South Manhattan Place and 3801-3815 West Wilshire Boulevard10
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3215-CUB 2819 West James M. Wood Boulevard1
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-2889-ZAA-CDO 1835-1839 West Santa Ynez Street13
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2012-784-CUB-PA1 1230 South Western Avenue (1200-1230 South Western Avenue & 3064-3072 West 12th Street)10
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-569-ELD-SPR 3377 West Olympic Boulevard and 974-998 South Gramercy Drive4
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2011-1314-CUB-PA1 852 South Broadway (826-860 South Broadway and 119-129 West 9th Street)14
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3265-CUB 8475 West Melrose Place5
01/16/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3282-CUB 1624 North Cahuenga Boulevard13
01/10/2018Subdivision TractsVTT-74640, CPC-2016-3624-GPA-VZC-HD-MSC-SPR 1100 S. Main Street14
01/10/2018Subdivision TractsVTT-74377 235 N. Hoover Street13
01/09/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3202-CUB-CU 7029 West Willoughby Avenue4
01/09/2018Zoning AdministrationZA-2017-3368-CU-CUB 911 Sycamore Avenue4
01/09/2018Area Planning CommissionZA-2017-1181-CU-ELD-SPR-1A 1026-1038 South Lake Street1
01/09/2018Area Planning CommissionDIR-2017-2481-SPP-1ACentral APC1118 N. Heliotrope Drive13