Agendas, Audios and Minutes

South Los Angeles
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01/25/2018City Planning Commission  6916 North Reseda Boulevard | 18321 West Clark Street; 18365 West Clark Street; 18411 West Clark Street; 18370 West Burbank Boulevard; 18410 West Burbank Boulevard; 18420 West Burbank Boulevard | “Bird Streets” and “Laurel Canyon” within Council District 4 | 4500 North Woodman Avenue; 4464, 4465, 4469, 4470, and 4471 North Ventura Canyon Avenue |
01/25/2018Historical Overlay ZoneWestern HeightsCanceled/Updated staff infoN/A
01/24/2018Historical Overlay ZoneHarvard HeightsCanceledN/A
01/23/2018Zoning Administration  2215 South Vermont Avenue, Units 104-105
01/23/2018Historical Overlay ZoneAdams NormandieCanceledN/A
01/18/2018Cultural Heritage Commission  1305 Ocean Front Walk; 807-831 North Vine Street; 2380-2460 Sunset Plaza Drive; 1727 North Spring Street
01/17/2018Zoning Administration  3939 Crenshaw Boulevard, Suite E
01/16/2018Area Planning Commission  1349 – 1375 West Jefferson Boulevard
01/16/2018Historical Overlay ZoneUniversity Park 1032 W. 22nd St| 2340 Portland St
01/11/2018Zoning Administration  4009 West 23rd Street | 1812 East 110th Street |
01/11/2018Historical Overlay ZoneWestern HeightsCANCELLEDN/A
01/11/2018City Planning Commission City Planning Commission1800-1850 West Beverly Boulevard, 114-118¾ South Bonnie Brae Street, and 101-111 South Burlington Avenue | 4749 West Elmwood Avenue | 1332 West Colorado Boulevard | 2093-2121 East Charlotte Street and 1201-1219 North Cornwell Street |
01/11/2018Historical Overlay ZoneWest Adams TerraceCanceledN/A
01/10/2018Historical Overlay ZoneHarvard Heights 2266 Venice Blvd.| 2082 Harvard Blvd.| 2210 W Venice Blvd.
01/10/2018Historical Overlay ZoneUniversity Park 1076 W. 30th St.|1082 W. 30th St.|
01/09/2018Historical Overlay ZoneAdams NormandieCanceledN/A
01/04/2018Cultural Heritage Commission Cultural Heritage CommissionCanceled
01/04/2018Historical Overlay ZoneLaFayette SquareCanceledN/A
01/02/2018Historical Overlay ZoneUniversity ParkCanceledN/A
01/02/2018Area Planning Commission South Area Planning CommissionCanceled