Interactive Maps

Story Maps:

Story maps are the intersection between curiosity and information through the use of maps and data. Story maps embark on a journey to understand the facts while promoting awareness of ongoing projects throughout the city. This is accomplished through a presentation of maps accompanied by a narrative story of text, imagery, and multimedia content.

Downtown Community Plan Story Map:

This interactive map with conceptual boundaries shows a range of ″Place Types″ identified as an initial concept for the Downtown Community Plan. Each is accompanied by a description of its built form, what activities happen there, and how it is experienced. These concepts are a building block, informed by public input, which will be translated into a variety of policies and zoning tools. This guidance will provide each Place Type with a range of regulations intended to support its unique condition.

Major Projects Story Map:

The Major Projects Story Map combines an interactive map with media content to provide the user with a simple and intuitive platform to explore the city's major projects. Users can view locations and data as well as spatial relationships between projects and their surroundings. This Story Map takes a closer look through artist renderings, site plans, Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), and case information. Functional tools such as toggling data on/off, measuring distances or area, and printing screenshots make this map valuable for both professionals and the general public.