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The Bicycle Plan on this site is for information only. The printed copy is the official document and is available through the Planning Department's Publication Unit.
City Plan Case No. 95-0331 GPA
Council File No. 94-0565
Approved by the City Planning Commission (04/11/96)
Adopted by City Council (08/06/96)
This Bicycle Plan, which consists of the following text and accompanying maps of bikeways, is a part of the Transportation Element of the General Plan of the City of Los Angeles. It replaces and supersedes the Bicycle Plan adopted by City Council in July, 1977.
The purpose of this Bicycle Plan is to provide a guide to the development of a citywide bicycle transportation system. The Plan is to be used by the City Council; the Mayor; the City Planning Commission; the Board of Transportation Commissioners; the Board of Public Works; the City Bicycle Advisory Committee; other concerned governmental agencies; residents and property owners throughout the City; and private organizations concerned with urban planning, civic betterment, transportation and recreation. For the City Council, the Mayor, the City Planning Commission, and the Board of Public Works, this Plan provides (1) a reference to be used in connection with their actions on various City development matters as required by law; and (2) guidance for decisions regarding allocation of funding for bicycle projects and programs.
Los Angeles is a nearly ideal location to encourage bicycle usage in place of automobiles. Excellent climatic conditions for bicycling in Southern California prevail approximately 340 days per year. By increasing the number of bicyclists who ride for commuting and other utilitarian purposes, traffic congestion is reduced and air quality is improved. In addition, the bicyclist benefits from improved health and fitness.
This Plan recognizes the growing needs of the bicycling public and seeks to further reduce the barriers to greater utilization of bicycles for both personal transportation and for recreation. Particular emphasis is placed on bicycling as a commute option. The overall intent is to expand bicycle usage through further development of bicycle riding facilities and improvement of existing facilities along with appropriate support programs.
Route locations shown on the Bicycle Plan Bikeways Maps are specific as to designated public streets and rights-of-way. The Plan establishes standards for development of these facilities, as well as criteria for prioritization of development of designated routes. While it is expected that implementation will be controlled by availability of funds, it is nevertheless the intent of this Plan to develop all of the designated routes of the Citywide Bikeway System to the maximum extent feasible by the year 2015.
This Plan should be reviewed periodically and revised within ten (10) years of adoption to accommodate changing conditions and opportunities.