1131 Cahuenga Mixed Use Project

Final Environmental Impact Report

Case No.: ENV-2014-4280-EIR
SCH No.: 2015011013


The City of Los Angeles has made available the NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY AND COMPLETION OF FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (FINAL EIR) for review. The Notice of Public Hearing and Availablility (NOH-NOA) can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Project Description

The Project would involve the demolition of existing buildings on the site and construction of a 7-story residential mixed-use building ranging from approximately 82 feet to 110 feet in height, based on relative elevation changes in the existing surrounding terrain, which generally slopes north to south. Existing buildings proposed for demolition include one single-family residence (single-story), a 3-unit apartment building, two office buildings (one 1-story and one 2-story structure), an auto repair facility, and 3 surface parking lots. The Project would provide 369 residential units, including 12 live/work units and 30 micro units, approximately 2,570 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and two levels of subterranean parking. The Project would provide approximately 40,900 square feet of open space, which includes open space on the ground floor accessible to the public, an outdoor recreation and covered deck on the 2nd floor, a roof terrace on the 7th floor, and a gym and recreation room. Parking would be provided in a two-level subterranean garage, at ground level within the building, and in the mezzanine level above-ground. The Project would include approximately 567 parking spaces and 410 bicycle parking spaces.

FINAL EIR: Sections of the EIR

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