About the Studio

Change in a great city like Los Angeles is inevitable. It is an ongoing and, most often, a gradual process that comes in many forms. New development brings changes, as do new regulations, a shifting economy, new technology, and expanding knowledge. It combines principles of city planning, architecture, and landscape architecture to re-imagine the city as more than buildings and roads, but as a space for connectivity, sustainability, and diversity.

Founded in 2006, the Studio practices an integrated approach that brings together principles of good urban design with innovative policy. The Studio aims to make it easier to build spaces that provide functionality, variety, delight, and a sense of belonging: a better Los Angeles.

Who We Are

The Studio is a part of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, and is supported by a network of student interns from across a range of disciplines. Our mission is to guide this change to build a better, more livable city. At the heart of this mission is to integrate a multidisciplinary approach to shaping places, neighborhoods, and cities.

Completed Projects


University Partnerships

Lectures, Reviews and Design Studio projects.

Harvard University, Cornell University, University of Southern California (USC), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), among others.


Cal State Northridge; UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs; UCLA Extension - Landscape Architecture, Woodbury University; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; University of Southern California (USC).