Downtown Design Guide

The Downtown Design Guide is an interdepartmental project among Department of City Planning, Department of Building and Safety, Department of Transportation, Public Works, and former members of the Community Redevelopment Agency. Together with urban design, transportation and environmental consultants, the Urban Design Studio and City Team is advancing new context-sensitive street standards which emphasize walkability, sustainability and transit options; and simple but critical urban design standards to reinforce the community character of Downtown Los Angeles' many neighborhoods and Districts.

The purpose of the Design Guidelines is to coordinate and orchestrate the overall development of the city core, so that projects help each other succeed and result in a better, livable downtown. The Design Guide are intended to provide guidance for creating a livable Downtown and will be used jointly by the Departments of Transportation and Public Works.

Downtown Design Guide Update was adopted by the City Planning Commission on June 8, 2017. It clarifies and updates the previous Downtown Design Guide to reflect shifts in existing conditions, visions, and administration since its original release in 2009.