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Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)


SCH No: 2007031159
June 2008
Information Regarding this On-Line DEIR Document
1.   The City of Los Angeles has made available the NOTICE OF COMPLETION/AVAILABILITY ON THE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (DEIR) for review by clicking here.

This version of Draft Environmental Impact Report is an unofficial electronic document being made available for review. Electronic posting is not required by the California Environmental Quality Act. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the document in electronic or digital format. If you wish to view the official document, it is on file at the following locations:

  1. Central Library - 630 West 5 th Street , Los Angeles , California 90071

  2. John C. Freemont Branch Library - 6121 Melrose Avenue , Los Angeles , California 90038

  3. Will and Ariel Durant Branch Library - 7140 Sunset Boulevard , Los Angeles , California 90046

  4. Frances Howard Goldwyn Hollywood Regional Library - 1623 North Ivar Avenue , Los Angeles , California 90028
  5. City of Los Angeles , Department of City Planning at 200 North Spring Street , Room 750, Los Angeles
3.   This report is in Adobe "PDF" format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or higher) software in order to view them as older versions may not be able to properly read and display these documents properly. Acrobat Reader is available for FREE and can be obtained by clicking here.
4.   Due to differences between software and electronic publishing, the formatting in the following electronic document may not match the original printed copy. The overall content of the document has not been changed in any way from the printed version.

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