South Los Angeles and

Southeast Los Angeles Community Plans
Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

November 2016


The South Los Angeles and Southeast Los Angeles Community Plans are being updated to reflect current policies and conditions and to address community issues related to land use as identified through outreach meetings conducted over the last several years.  The project will include amending both the text and the land use map of the South Los Angeles and Southeast Los Angeles Community Plans.  The Proposed Plans will also adopt several zoning ordinances to implement the updates to the two community plans, including changes for certain portions of the Community Plan Areas to regulate specific uses, and to establish development standards (including height, Floor Area Ratio, and massing) and design standards. These zoning ordinances will take a number of different forms, including amendments to the Zoning Map for zone and height district changes under Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 12.32 and the adoption of two Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) Districts under LAMC Section 13.14. Also, to ensure consistency between the updated community plans and the other City plans and ordinances, the project will include amendments to the Framework and Circulation Elements of the General Plan, the Housing Incentive Ordinance, the Neighborhood Stabilization Ordinance, and others as necessary.


Hard copies of the Draft EIR are available for review at the following locations:

City of Los Angeles

Department of City Planning

200 N. Spring Street, Room 667

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Los Angeles Central Library

630 W. 5th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Exposition Park Library

3900 S. Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90062




John Muir Library

1005 West 64th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90044

Mark Twain Library

9621 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90003

Vermont Square Library

1201 West 48th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90037




Alma Reaves Woods – Watts Library

10205 Compton Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90002

Ascot Branch Library

120 West Florence Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90003

Junipero Serra Branch Library

4607 South Main Street

Los Angeles, CA 90037




Vernon Branch Library

4504 South Central Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90011

Washington Irving Library

4117 W. Washington Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90018

Jefferson Library

2211 W. Jefferson Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90018




Pico Union Library

1030 S. Alvarado Street

Los Angeles, CA 90006

Angeles Mesa Library

2700 W. 52nd Street

Los Angeles, CA 90043

Hyde Park Library

2205 W. Florence Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90043




Willowbrook Library

11838 Wilmington Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90059

Graham Library

1900 E. Firestone Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90001

Florence Library

1610 E. Florence Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90001



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