Expedited Process

  • Cases Processed by the EPS

    In order to guarantee a high level of service, the EPS selectively accepts cases for processing.

    Cases Processed

    Advisory Agency (Tract/Parcel Maps)

    Planning Commission (CPC/APC Cases)

    Zoning Administration (ZA Cases)

    Case-by-Case Basis

    Condominium Conversions

    Director's Determinations (Stand-Alone)

    Density Bonus

    General Plan Amendments/Zone Changes

    Multiple Approval Entitlements

    Transfer of Floor Area (TFAR) (under 50,000 SF)

    Conditional Use

    Cases Not Processed

    Cases requiring a new EIR

    Cases involving a Development Agreement

    Cases in the Coastal Zone

    Cases in the Hillside Zone

    Cases in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ)

    Lot Line Adjustments or Certificates of Compliance

    Stand-Alone Specific Plan Entitlements

  • Fees

    The EPS is a full-cost recovery program. All costs associated with processing a case by the EPS are paid for by the applicants.

    Initial Fee Deposits* by Case Type:

    DIR Cases & Modifications

    Tract/Parcel Maps

    ZA Cases (Variance, CUP, ZAA, PA)

    APC Cases

    CPC Cases

    Joint ZA/DIR & Tract/Parcel Map Cases

    Joint APC & Tract/Parcel Map Cases

    Joint CPC & Tract/Parcel Map Cases










    *This fee is a deposit. The cost to process an application can exceed the initial deposit. Additionally, the Bureau of Engineering also requires a $3,000 fee to expedite Tract and Parcel Map cases.

  • Starting Your EPS Filing

    A preliminary review of the project during a Consultation Meeting will determine whether it is eligible for expedited processing. The following materials are required for the consultation:

    * Site Plan
    * Parcel Profile (from ZIMAS)
    * Draft Master Land Use Application
    * Community Plan Referral Form (if within a Specific Plan or Community Design Overlay area)
    * Affordable Housing Referral Form (if Destiny Bonus)
    * Design Guidelines Checklist (if new construction)

    Once the case has been cleared for EPS filing, an original completed Fee Agreement and the Deposit Fee must be filed with the case submittal at the Development Services Center. All other filing requirements must be adhered to.

  • Contact Us

    To schedule a pre-intake consultation meeting:

    Email plnexpedited.intake@lacity.org with the following information

    1. Project Address
    2. Project Description
    3. Requested Entitlements

    For general Planning inquiries, contact:
    LADCP Development Services Center
    (213) 482-7077