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Pre-Application Interactive Filing, New Service

The Department is introducing an online pre-application filing system to allow an applicant to file one or more applications and track their progress through completion. All information is entered online and only exhibits are uploaded. Applicants may monitor their projects as they progress from initial review to final completion. You will be automatically notified via email as the various steps are completed. Direct communication will occur between staff and the applicant via the system to increase our response time to an applicant.

For the next thirty days applicants may continue using the original pre-application filing method selected from the drop down menu above or they may start using the new filing system by selecting the button above. In approximately 30 days all applications will be required to use the new interactive filing method.

Pre Application, Revised Filing Requirements

Applications involving one of the following shall submit a Pre-application package, a) Master Conditional Use Permit (MCUP), b) Master Plan Approval (MPA), c) Plan Approval (PA) or d) A restaurant with seating for 200 patrons or more. Pre-applications for other filing types are optional. The purpose of the pre-application submittal is so BESt Staff can review the pertinent application material and investigate property records to avoid red flags, or holds during, or at the end of the process during the clearance/effectuation phase. You will not be required to submit past cases, permits, Certificate of Occupancy (C of 0) or Orders on the property with your final application package. Staff will ensure that all aspects of the application package are completed correctly and that the plans submitted correctly depict site conditions, and the proposed Project in order to facilitate processing, completion and eventually effectuation of the case.

Clearance / Effectuation

An appointment is required to clear your conditions. Please submit your request above and staff will contact you to make an appointment. Please prepare for your appointment by compiling documents required to satisfy the conditions of approval of your grant- specifically those conditions required "prior to effectuation", including the recorded covenant, floor/plot plans, and payment of all required fees.