"BESt" - Beverage & Entertainment Streamlined Program

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For More Information, Please email or Call
For More Information, Please email or Call
For More Information, Please email or Call

Applications for Conditional Use permits related to alcoholic beverages and entertainment constitute a large volume of cases submitted to the Department. Many of the applications are small mom and pop restaurants having to wait behind much larger projects which bottleneck the processing and scheduling queue. These waiting periods equate to financial losses that can greatly impact small businesses, at times forcing operators to abandon projects.

To address this challenge, the Los Angeles Department of City Planning will be launching a special Task Force to streamline the conditional use approval process for alcoholic beverage sales and live entertainment. The Beverage and Entertainment Streamlined Program (BESt) will improve the process by focusing on the customer experience, by streamlining the process, providing a central point of contact for these types of applications and providing the customer with early notification of potential issues to facilitate the decision making process for all those involved.

E-mail:  Planning.ccu@lacity.org  |  Phone: 213.202.5464