"BESt" - Beverage & Entertainment Streamlined Program

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For More Information, Please email or Call
For More Information, Please email or Call
For More Information, Please email or Call

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurants continue to be among the leaders in job growth, with California leading the nation in restaurant unit growth. Alcoholic beverages and live entertainment help attract customers to hospitality venues and add a substantial profit margin to the overall restaurant and bar industry revenue thereby improving the City’s economic vitality and job growth. These establishments, if properly monitored and conditioned, can be a source of pride and community identification in the neighborhoods throughout the City of Los Angeles.

The Planning Department’s MViP (Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Program) is the monitoring Unit charged with the responsibility to hold operators accountable. The Unit will be verifying compliance with the assistance of the Department of Building and Safety to ensure that operational conditions are observed in order to mitigate any potential effects on the surrounding communities. The Program will also implement an Operator Rating System to assist the decision-makers with any future requests to continue or modify a conditional use permit.

E-mail:  Planning.ccu@lacity.org  |  Phone: 213.202.5464