"BESt" - Beverage & Entertainment Streamlined Program

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For More Information, Please email or Call
For More Information, Please email or Call
For More Information, Please email or Call

The BESt Program was established to help improve the quality of life for residents of the City while fostering its economic vitality. The Unit's primary function is to monitor each approval to ensure grants are utilized within the code prescribed time-frame, and that the conditions placed by the decision-makers are met. We are currently focused on Conditional Use approvals related to alcoholic beverages (CUBs) and entertainment (CUXs). A well-balanced synergetic approach is paramount in order to promote the City's economic growth by providing a streamlined service while ensuring that operators abide by the conditions placed upon their approvals. To promote these objectives, the Department has launched the BESt Program (Beverage and Entertainment Streamlined) and the MViP (Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Program). Please note revised pre-application filling requirements. For more information about the programs, please click on the logos below:

E-mail:  Planning.ccu@lacity.org  |  Phone: 213.202.5464