Virtual Commission Meeting Instructions

Guide to Public Participation in Virtual Commission Meetings

Thank you for your interest in participating in a virtual Commission meeting during the current COVID-19 emergency.

In conformity with the Governor's Executive Order N-29-20 (March 17, 2020) and due to concerns over COVID-19, Commission meetings for City Planning Commission, Cultural Heritage Commission, and each of the Area Planning Commissions will be conducted entirely telephonically. All Commissioners will be participating from separate locations during safer-at-home orders and will be visible only to each other using remote meeting technology. Members of the public will be able to listen to the meeting audio and offer public comment via their phone, when called upon for each agenda item.

All presentations and other materials related to agenda items will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder, accessible via a link provided just below the meeting date on Page 1 of the agenda. The Commission President will ask presenters to clearly describe which slide they are presenting, in order to assist those participating via audio to follow along with the presentation on their own computer or mobile device.

To Listen to the Meeting

If you wish to listen to the meeting, but not participate during public comment, dial the City’s Council Phone meeting system, at (213) 621-2489 or (818) 904-9450.

Instructions for Public Comments

Icon for Step Number 1Call Number on Your Agenda

If you wish to offer public comment to the Commission during the meeting, call the second phone number listed on Page 1 of the agenda, and follow the agenda’s instructions to log in to the meeting. You will be automatically muted when you enter the meeting.

Icon for Step Number 2Press *9 to Comment

To comment on an agenda item, press *9 to “raise your hand” virtually following the Commission President calling the item. After any related presentations, the Commission President will ask members of the public to indicate if they want to speak on the item. Commission staff will call upon speakers using the last four digits of the phone number, if available. Each speaker’s audio will be unmuted as they are called upon. Speakers typically are given 1-2 minutes to speak and at the end of the specified time limit for public comment, you will hear a buzzer sound or a verbal indicator and the Commission President will ask you to wrap up your remarks. Soon thereafter, your audio will again be muted and the President will move on to the next speaker.

Requirement for Submission of Materials

Written materials may be submitted prior to or at the meeting in accordance with the submittal requirements below. The case number must be written on all communications, plans and exhibits.

Written materials not limited as to volume must be received by the Commission Executive Assistant no later than by end of business day Monday of the week prior to the week of the Commission meeting. Materials must be delivered electronically to the staff and commission email identified on the front of this page.

All written materials in response to an Appeal Recommendation Report and/or additional comments must be submitted no later than 48 hours before to the Commission meeting (for Central, South LA and Harbor APCs, materials must be received no later than by 3:00 p.m., Thursday of the week prior to the Commission Meeting). Submissions, including exhibits, shall not exceed ten (10) pages and must be submitted electronically to the Commission identified on the front of this notice.

Submissions less than 48 hours prior to, and including the day of the Commission meeting, must not exceed two (2) written pages, including exhibits. Photographs do not count toward the page limitation. These must be submitted electronically to the Commission email identified on the front of this page.

Submissions that do not comply with these rules will be stamped “File Copy. Non-complying Submission”. Non-complying submissions will be placed into the official case file, but they will not be delivered to, or considered by the Commission. The Commission Rules and Operating Procedures are available online at by selecting “Commissions & Hearings” and selecting the specific Commission.