City Planning Partners with Council Districts at Metro DSC

DSC Metro Tour

On Wednesday, May 14, the Metro Development Services Center (DSC) opened its doors to Council District Planning Directors and Deputies.

The behind-the-scenes tour allowed planners and Council staff to create better partnerships and strengthen communication! City Planning works more effectively and efficiently if community members know the ins and outs of project planning and processing. And no one knows each district of Los Angeles better than their Council District Planning Directors and Deputies. Their input is vital to us staying informed and well versed in working on our shared vision.

dsc metro tour

As they work on the front lines each day with Angelenos, District Planning Directors feel the pulse of Los Angeles. At the same time, planners at our Metro DSC are getting that same firsthand feedback from customers.

Naturally, the Department felt it critical to allow Council staff to witness a day in the life of a planner at the counter. 

Some of our services, like housing, hit especially close to home for the work these offices do! Because of this, we wanted to give them the chance to see what happens once an applicant submits a proposed project.

The program began with Deputy Director Lisa Webber delivering opening remarks, followed by a program overview from Senior City Planner Bob Duenas. The group got a tour of the fourth, fifth, and 10th floors, and concluded with closing remarks from Deputy Director Webber.

Together, the Council District Planning Directors and Deputies can build a team effort that makes Los Angeles the best version of itself!

DSC metro tour group photo