South Los Angeles
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West Adams Terrace

Western Heights

Harvard Heights

Adams Normandie

Includes Van Buren Place

Jefferson Park

University Park

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South Los Angeles

Historic Preservation Overlay Zone City Plan Case Council File Adoption Date Ordinance Number Effective Date ZI Number
West Adams Terrace 2001-5625-HPOZ 03-1050 12/02/03 175696 01/19/04  
Western Heights 1999-0142 HPOZ 00-2143 03/02/01 173826 05/01/01  
Harvard Heights 1999-0318 HPOZ 00-1458 08/02/00 173435 09/19/00  
Adams - Normandie   00-1130 07/05/00 173402 08/23/00  
University Park 1999-0137 HPOZ 00-0270 03/22/00 173160 05/15/00  
Jefferson Park 2010-2410-HPOZ 09-2724 06/28/11 181769 07/08/11  

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