Ventura-Cahuenga Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan Area

Plan Designations

Pedestrian Oriented Areas/
Pedestrian Development Areas/
Restricted Use Area/
Regionally Impacted Area  

Woodland Hills Section

Valley Circle to Shoup


Shoup to De Soto

De Soto to Corbin


Tarzana Section

Corbin to Mecca


Beckford to Lindley

Encino Section

Lindley to Balboa


Amstoy to Gaviota

Hayvenhurst to the 405

Sherman Oaks Section

the 405 to Tyrone

Tyrone to Fulton

Studio City Section

Fulton to Vantage


Laurel Terrace to Tujunga

Troost to Regal


Riverton to Woodrow Wilson