Community Plans in Progress

Welcome to the New Community Plan Program!

The Planning Department is updating land use plans for several community plan areas as part of an ongoing program to ensure that these plans effectively guide growth and development in the City’s neighborhoods.


Community Plans guide the physical development of neighborhoods by establishing the goals and policies for land use. The land use element is one of the state-required elements of a City’s General Plan and is required to be updated periodically. While the General Plan sets out a long-range vision and guide to future development, the 35 Community Plans provide the specific, neighborhood-level detail, relevant policies, and implementation strategies necessary to achieve the General Plan objectives.

Community Plan Update

The New Community Plans (NCP) encourage sustainable residential, commercial and industrial development while maintaining the unique character of individual communities.

The Plans:

  1. Integrate land use, infrastructure and transportation improvement.
  2. Direct growth to centers while preserving established residential neighborhoods.
  3. Create healthier, more livable neighborhoods and economically vital business districts that can provide more job and housing opportunities for city residents.
  4. Facilitate improved design of new and renovated structures and public spaces.