Expedited Processing

The Expedited Processing Section (EPS) provides the public with a more efficient alternative for processing planning entitlement applications. Using EPS reduces the time it takes to advance a case to a hearing or decision maker by 30 to 50 percent.

Only certain types of projects qualify for EPS’s services. Prior to filing, applicants must submit a Pre-Intake Consultation form to verify eligibility. EPS welcomes applications for affordable housing, multifamily (apartments, condominiums, and small lot homes), and non-residential (hotels, office, schools, commercial, and industrial) projects.

Notice to Land Use Industry Professionals

If you are compensated to interact with the Department of Planning, City law may require you to register as a lobbyist and report your activity. Any individual may qualify as a lobbyist, regardless of occupation, education, training, or professional title. A lobbyist may hold a position that includes but is not limited to attorney, CEO, consultant, government liaison, business owner, permit applicant, urban planners, expediters, land developers, various real estate specialists and others.

More information is available online through the Ethics Commission’s lobbying program and publication pages. For assistance, please contact the Ethics Commission.


When can I expect a response after I’ve submitted my request? How long does it take to be scheduled for a consultation meeting?

A planner will respond to your request within 10 business days.

If you are to be scheduled for a pre-intake consultation meeting, you will receive a calendar invite with details on the time and location of the appointment. Meetings are scheduled in the order intake requests are received, and may be scheduled up to one month out. Most meetings are one-half hour in length and are regularly held at 11AM and 11:30AM on Mondays and Thursdays, and at 2PM on Wednesdays. When an application involves a Planning Commission decision, a one-hour meeting will be scheduled. Due to staff and room availability, we are generally not able to schedule consultations outside of these windows of time.

What materials are required for the consultation meeting?

Upon being scheduled for a pre-intake consultation, you will receive a calendar invite listing the materials required for the meeting. These include, but are not limited to, a draft City Planning Application, Parcel Profile Report from ZIMAS, and site and elevation plans.

My project has been accepted for expedited processing. May I submit my application and fees directly to the Expedited Processing Section?

Once the project has been accepted for expedited processing, an original completed Expedited Permit Fee Agreement and the Initial Deposit Fee must be submitted with the case submittal. All other filing requirements must be adhered to. For specific filing requirements, please visit: https://planning.lacity.org/development-services/forms.  

As with all Planning applications, Expedited cases are filed with the Development Services Center (DSC), located in Figueroa Plaza, Van Nuys, and West Los Angeles. For case filing inquiries and appointment requests, please contact the DSC at https://planning.lacity.org/development-services/development-services.

Is my standalone Conditional Use application related to alcoholic beverages (CUBs) and/or entertainment (CUXs) eligible for expedited processing?

The Expedited Processing Section processes standalone Conditional Use applications related to alcoholic beverages (CUBs) and entertainment (CUXs) through the Beverage & Entertainment Streamlined Program. These applications require a pre-intake consultation meeting with our Section or an Expedited fee agreement. After obtaining the Expedited fee agreement, applicants may initiate the pre-application process by contacting Planning.ccu@lacity.org or (213) 202-5464. Additional information can be found at: https://planning.lacity.org/development-services/development-services

Will the Expedited Processing Section accept my case if my project is located within a geographic overlay?

Please note that the Expedited Processing Section generally does not accept cases within any special geographic overlay, including but not limited to the Coastal Zone, Hillside Area, Historic Preservation Overlay Zones, Specific plans, or Community Plan Implementation Overlay Districts. Please check ZIMAS (http://zimas.lacity.org/) to see if your property is located within a special geographic overlay. The contact information of the planner assigned to a specific geographic area can be found at https://planning.lacity.org/contact/staff-directory  

Where can I seek advice related to zoning, entitlements, and property-related questions?

A great deal of property information can be found on ZIMAS (http://zimas.lacity.org/).

If you have general zoning or entitlement-related questions, the best place to start is at the DSC. Location and hours of the DSC can be found here:  https://planning.lacity.org/contact/locations-hours.

Note that questions related to geographic overlays, such as Specific Plans or Community Plan Implementation Overlay Districts, should be directed to the planner(s) assigned to those areas. Staff assignments can be found at https://planning.lacity.org/contact/staff-directory.

Schedule An Appointment

Please fill out the form below to help us determine if your project is eligible for processing through the Expedited Processing Section (EPS). A planner will respond to your request within 10 business days.

If selected, we’ll reach out to schedule an appointment for a Pre-Intake Consultation meeting. If deemed appropriate for EPS filing at the Pre-Intake Consultation, an original completed fee agreement and deposit fee must be filed with the case submittal at the Development Services Center. All other filing requirements must be adhered to. 

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Is your project located within any overlays, Specific Plans, etc.? Please reach out to the assigned planner to discuss whether the proposed project is considered a “project” per the special overlay. A Geographic Project Planning Referral Form is required if your project is located within an overlay. Please note that EPS does not accept “projects” located within any overlays, Specific Plans, etc.

Project Information

Preferred Projects. Please select the appropriate checkbox that best describes your project. Select more than one if your project fits into more than one category (ie. If it is a Density Bonus project that is mixed use and located in a Transit Priority Area).

^ Special-Needs Housing: e.g., Assisted Living, Eldercare, Congregate Living Health Facility, Skilled Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility, and uses defined under California Health and Safety Code Section 51312.

^^ Major Development Project as defined in LAMC Section 12.24-U, 14.

^^^ Public Benefits projects may include, but are not limited to, those uses listed under LAMC Section 14.00.

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