668 S. Alameda Street

Draft Environmental Impact Report

CASE No. ENV-2016-3576-EIR
SCH No. 2016121002


Project Address: 668 S. Alameda Street, 1516-1570 Industrial Street, and 675 Mill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Council District: 14

Project Location:

The approximate 3.75-acre site is located within the Arts District. The project site is located at 668 S. Alameda Street, 1516-1570 Industrial Street, and 675 Mill Street southeast of the intersection of S. Alameda Street and Industrial Street (Project Site). The project site is bounded by S. Alameda Street to the west; Industrial Street to the north; industrial/warehouse uses and Mill Street to the east; and commercial and institutional uses to the south. Assessor Parcel Numbers (APNs) associated with the project site include: 5164-022-005, 5164-022-010, 5164-023-004, 5164-023-015, 5164-023-016, 5164-023-019 through 5164-023-023.

Project Description:

The project proposes to develop a mixed-use live/work and commercial project consisting of approximately 577,301 square feet (sf) of floor area on an approximately 3.75-acre site within the Arts District. The project site is currently developed with the Showa Marine & Cold Storage facility, which comprises four buildings with a total area of approximately 131,350 sf. The existing buildings range from two- to three-stories in height and were constructed between 1984 and 2001. On-site operations include shipping/receiving, storage of frozen food products, as well as associated office and administrative activities. All existing on-site uses would be removed to implement the project.

The project would include 475 live/work units totaling approximately 516,101 sf of live/work floor area, and approximately 61,200 sf of ground floor commercial uses. The live/work use would include an affordable housing component with a minimum of 24 affordable units, fitness facility, clubhouse, residential lobby and gallery space. Commercial uses would include approximately 15,185 sf of arts and production space, a 15,102 square-foot full-service grocery store, 9,633 sf of commercial/retail space, 16,140 sf for restaurant, café, or bar uses, and 4,200 sf of other supporting space. The restaurants and retail uses would be directly accessible from Industrial Street with individual street entrances. A plaza and sidewalk "bump-out" extensions with landscaping, tables, and patio seating, as well as two paseos connecting Industrial Street to Mill Street, would complement the retail/restaurant uses and would be available for public use. The project would provide 44,623 sf of open space, of which 14,537 sf would be open space accessible to the public and 23,974 sf would be common open space for project residents. The project’s open space would exceed the required 44,620 sf of open space following the Density Bonus Compliance Review on-menu density bonus incentive available to the project pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) requirements. The project would be seven stories above grade with a maximum building height of 85 feet. A total of 842 parking spaces would be provided within a four level parking structure with three levels below grade and one level at grade. The overall floor-to-area ratio (FAR) would be approximately 3.55:1.


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