Final Environmental Impact Report for the

Bellwood Condominium


LEAD AGENCY: City of Los Angeles
CASE No: ENV-2007-4551-EIR
State Clearinghouse No.: 2007111089

10330, 10340, 10344, 10360, 10380, 10368, 10341 Bellwood Avenue

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Project Description
The project site presently consists of 26,218 square feet of lot area that is zoned C2-1VL-O and 47,201 square feet of lot area that is zoned R3-1-O, as well as Bellwood Avenue which runs through the project site. The site is currently occupied by 112 apartment units that will be removed as part of the proposed project. The project proposes 158 for-sale flats and townhome units. Pursuant to California State Government Code Section 65915 (a)(b)(1)(B), five percent of the project’s total units are proposed to be set aside for very low income tenants for a period of 30 years. The project's building consists of 210,372 square feet of floor area in one structure comprised of a parking garage with grade-level and subterranean parking, with four residential building elements above. The total floor area ratio (FAR) of the proposed project would be approximately 2.6:1. The project site
slopes downward from east to west, with an elevation change of approximately 20 feet. As measured vertically, from nearest adjacent grade, the two five-story buildings elements (Building Elements B and C), would be 58 feet in height. As measured vertically, from nearest adjacent grade, the remaining four-story buildings elements (Buildings Elements A and D and the eastern portion of C) would reach an approximate height of 43 feet. The project proposes a zone change for project site from C2-1VL-O and R3-1-O to RAS4-1VL. The project also proposes the merger and resubdivision of the project site, including the vacation of the public street easement for Bellwood Avenue through the project site. As part of the project, a new private street easement will be created pursuant to LAMC § 17.09. The new private street easement will be realigned and will provide public vehicular and pedestrian access to both ends of Bellwood Avenue substantially similar to the access currently provided.


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