Century City Center
Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

November 2014
SCH No. 2005051145


Century City Realty, LLC (the “Applicant”) proposes to modify a project previously approved by the City of Los Angeles in 2006, which permitted the development of approximately 483 residential condominiums in two 47-story towers and one 12-story building for a total of approximately 1.3 million square feet (the “Approved Project”) on an approximately 5.5-acre site at 1950 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, California, which is located at the northeast corner of Avenue of the Stars and Constellation Boulevard in Century City (the “Project site”). Due to changes in market conditions and demand, the Applicant proposes to modify the Approved Project to allow for the construction of one 37-story (approximately 570 feet in height at site perimeter or 849 feet above mean sea level), approximately 700,000-square-foot office building, approximately 25,830 square feet of low-rise, one- and two-story office space, an approximately 1,300-square-foot Mobility Hub, a Transit Plaza, approximately 4,120 square feet of ancillary retail, and a partially subterranean parking structure with approximately 1,579 stalls (the “Modified Project”). The parking structure would feature an approximately 2.14-acre (approximately 93,000 square feet) landscaped green roof deck accessible to project tenants and their guests, and the Applicant proposes providing approximately 35,000 square feet of additional public open space on site. The Modified Project also would be designed to achieve a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating or equivalent green building standards. In total, the Modified Project includes approximately 731,250 square feet of floor area, which represents a decrease of 561,108 square feet as compared to the Approved Project.

The Project Site is located within the high-density commercial core of Century City. Historically, the Project Site was used for various purposes, including commercial uses and oil production. The Project Site has contained a total of 28 oil wells, all of which were properly plugged and abandoned in accordance with the California Department of Conservation—Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) standards in effect at the time of closure. At the time the City considered the Approved Project, the Project Site contained a restaurant and nightclub on the southern portion of the Project Site and a drive-through banking facility and associated offices on the western portion of the Project Site. The majority of the Project Site, however, was vacant. Since the City considered the Approved Project, the previously-existing structures were demolished. Today, the Project site consists of disturbed land, asphalt, surface parking lots, and various remnant structures such as walls and foundations from the prior uses. As part of the Modified Project, all existing improvements and remnant structures would be removed from the Project Site.

The proposed Modified Project would require the following discretionary actions: (1) Project Permit Compliance Review; (2) Site Plan Review Findings; (3) Alternative Calculation of Trip Generation Factors pursuant to Section 6 of the Century City North Specific Plan; (4) Amendment of the Development Agreement between Century City Realty, LLC and the City of Los Angeles dated September 16, 2009, as approved by City Council Ordinance No. 180,765; (5) Revised existing access covenant and agreement with the City, and other covenant agreements as necessary; (6) Approval of enhanced street planting; (7) Certification of a Subsequent EIR; (8) Ministerial permits and approvals, such as grading permits, excavation permits, foundation permits, building permits, and public works permits; (9) Submittal of a Notice of Intent to the State Water Resources Control Board to comply with the Construction National Pollution Discharge Elimination System General Permit; (10) Storm sewer discharge permit and a Temporary Construction Dewatering Permit from the Regional Water Quality Control Board; (11) Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration/Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation from the Federal Aviation Administration; (12) Any necessary permits from DOGGR with regard to closed on-site wells; (13) Haul Route permit; and (14) Other permits and approvals to be requested or as deemed necessary to implement the Modified Project.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Errata

Chapter 3 Additional Information

Appendix AM: Trip Lengths Memorandum

Appendix AN: Air Quality and Climate Change Supplemental CalEEMod Information

Appendix AO: Employee Density Survey Results

Appendix AP: LADOT Assessment Letter for Alternative 9

Appendix AQ: Analysis of Alley Access
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