Figueroa and Adams Student Housing Project

Draft Environmental Impact Report

EIR Case File No. ENV-2007-4288-EIR
SCH No: 2008011006

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EAF NO.:  ENV-2007-4288-EIR

PROJECT NAMEFigueroa and Adams Student Housing Project

PROJECT LOCATION/ADDRESS2455 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, 90007

COMMUNITY PLANNING AREASouth Los Angeles Community Plan Area



PROJECT DESCRIPTIONThe Project Applicant, Capital Oak Venture, LLC, proposes the development of a residential project on a 1.67-acre site located at 2455 South Figueroa Street, north of West Adams Boulevard in the South Los Angeles Community Plan Area (the “Project Site”). 

The applicant proposes to construct a 145-unit residential building, associated parking for resident and visitor use, and replacement parking for the adjacent St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church (St. Vincent’s Church).  The Project is designed to provide housing for students attending the University of Southern California (USC), Mount St. Mary’s College Doheny Campus and other local educational institutions.  Faculty and staff of these educational institutions may also live in the Project.  However, up to ten percent of the units could also be made available to non-student, faculty, and staff residents.  The Project site currently contains a paved parking lot and small garden for use by St. Vincent’s Church.  The proposal includes a multi-story structure with five levels atop two levels of subterranean parking. The upper four levels of the structure would contain residences, while the lower (ground) level would be reserved for parking for the Church, and a lobby and lounge for the residential uses.   The residential component of the building would total 131,009 square feet.  The project proposes a total of 145 units on the second through fifth levels of the building, including 27 one-bedroom units, 115 two-bedroom units, and 3 three-bedroom units.  The project would incorporate trees and other landscaping intended to ensure compatibility with the adjacent land uses.

The residential component of the Project would be arranged around four open air courtyards, which would serve as common areas for building residents.  Public amenities would include study rooms, lounge/recreational areas, a management leasing area, and lobby space totaling approximately 2,000 square feet Among the proposed features planned for the various courtyards are a spa, chaise lounge area, a barbeque counter with gas grills, sofa and bench seating, a raised fire pit, potted plants and trees, and synthetic turf.

The building would be modified Mediterranean Revival in architectural style and would be five stories tall, or 60 feet above adjacent grade to the roofline.  A decorative tower along the east (Figueroa Street) building elevation would be 15 feet taller than the building roofline, or 75 feet above adjacent grade.  The Project would incorporate a 15-foot front-yard setback from the eastern property boundary on Figueroa Street, a 17-foot rear-yard setback from the western property boundary, a 10-foot side-yard setback from the northern property boundary, and a 28-foot side-yard/fire department access lane along the southern property line.  Front, rear, and south side-yard setbacks meet or exceed Municipal Code requirements.

A total of 443 parking spaces would be provided for Project residents and church parishioners on three levels, including two subterranean levels and one at-grade level.  Of this total, 310 spaces would be reserved for residents of the building in the subterranean levels.  The remaining 133 spaces would occupy the at-grade parking level.  Of the 133 spaces, 125 spaces would be reserved for use by parishioners of St. Vincent's Church during functions and liturgical services, replacing the existing 123 surface parking spaces.  The remaining 8 spaces could be used for the Project’s leasing/management office.  Additionally, one bicycle parking spot per resident would be provided in a dedicated room within the parking structure. Access to the Project site would continue to be via two full service-driveways on Figueroa Street. The driveway for the subterranean residential parking would be gated and located near the northern side of the building boundary. Church parishioners would access the Project site via a separate driveway off Figueroa Street near the southern property boundary. An approximately 28-foot side-yard/fire department access lane would be provided along the southern edge of the Project, with the church parking driveway located adjacent to the north side of the access lane. An existing easement, currently ten feet wide, is proposed to be widened to approximately 24.5-foot-wide and paved to provide secondary emergency access road to the rear of the Project site from Adams Boulevard.  Pedestrian access between the Church parking/fire access lane and adjacent St. Vincent's Church property would be provided as part of the Project from any of five entry/exit points along the fire access lane along the southern edge of the Project site.

The Project Applicant is requesting the following discretionary approvals from the City of Los Angeles as part of the proposed Project: Conditional Use Permit pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) 12.24.W.37 to continue to allow public parking in an R Zone for the Church replacement at-grade parking component of the Project, Site Plan Review Findings pursuant to LAMC 16.05.D.2 for residential uses with more than 50 units, haul route approval, and other approvals as necessary.

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS POTENTIALLY AFFECTED: Aesthetics and Visual Resources, Air Quality, Cultural Resources, Geology and Soils, Hazards and Hazardous Materials, Water Resources, Land Use and Planning, Noise, Population and Housing, Public Services (Police and Fire), Transportation, and Public Utilities.

DOCUMENT REVIEW AND COMMENT: If you wish to review a copy of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) or the documents referenced in the Draft EIR, you may do so at the City of Los Angeles, Department of City Planning at 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, 90012. Copies of the Draft EIR are also available at the following library locations:

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The Draft EIR is also available online at the Department of City Planning’s website [ (Click “Environmental,” and then “Draft Environmental Impact Reports”)]. The Draft EIR can be purchased on CD-rom for $7.50. Contact Jimmy Liao at 213-978- 1331 to purchase one.

If you wish to submit comments following review of the Draft EIR, please reference the environmental case number (ENV-2007-4288-EIR), and submit them in writing by October 26, 2009. Please direct your responses to:

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If a public hearing is required for the proposed project, a separate notice will be mailed at a later date for such purpose.

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