Fig+Pico Conference Center Hotels

Draft Environmental Impact Report

CASE No. ENV-2016-2594-EIR
SCH No. 2016121063


Project Address: 1240-1260 S. Figueroa Street & 601 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Additional Locations for Proposed Sign District: 1300 S. Figueroa Street, 535 W. Pico Boulevard, 520-638 W. Pico Boulevard, 1220-1308 S. Flower Street, & 1309-1315 S. Flower Street

Council District: 14

Project Location:

The Project is located at 1240-1260 S. Figueroa Street and 601 W. Pico Boulevard (APNs 5138-025-014, 5138-025-017, 5138-025-016, and 5138-025-900) in the City of Los Angeles. The Project Site is approximately 1.22 acres and is bounded by S. Figueroa Street to the west, W. Pico Boulevard to the south, and S. Flower Street to the east. A City-initiated Sign District is also proposed for the Project Site, as well as for surrounding parcels, including the following addresses: 1300 S. Figueroa Street, 535 W. Pico Boulevard, 520-638 W. Pico Boulevard, 1220-1308 S. Flower Street, & 1309-1315 S. Flower Street (APNs 5134010004, 5134-010-023, 5134-011-026, 5134-011-027, 5134-011-028, 5138-026-011, 5138-026-016, 5138-026-017, 5138-026-020, 5138-026-028, 5138-026-036, and 5138-026-900).

Project Description:

The Project proposes approximately 506,682 square feet of floor area in two hotel towers, providing up to 1,162 guestrooms and 13,145 square feet of retail/restaurant space on an approximately 1.22-acre development site. The Project Site currently contains a 27,800-square-foot two-story commercial building and surface parking lots, which are to be demolished. Three hotels, which are identified as Hotel A, Hotel B, and Hotel C, are to operate within the two proposed towers.

Proposed Hotel A and Hotel B would be developed in a single 42-story, 529-foot tower on the northeast corner of S. Figueroa Street and W. Pico Boulevard. The Hotel A/B Tower would include 11,000 square feet of ground-floor retail/restaurant uses, up to 820 hotel guestrooms, hotel lobbies, guest amenities such as rooftop pool decks and a viewing deck, conference and meeting room spaces, signage, and parking for all three hotels. Proposed Hotel C would be developed in a 25-story, 326-foot tower located on the northwest corner of W. Pico Boulevard and S. Flower Street. The Hotel C Tower would include a hotel lobby, 2,145 square feet of ground-floor commercial retail/restaurant uses, up to 342 guestrooms, and guest amenities such as a landscaped rooftop pool deck. The approximate floor area ratio (FAR) for the Project is 9.9:1.

A City-initiated sign district would also be implemented on the Project Site and on certain surrounding parcels along S. Figueroa Street, W. Pico Boulevard, and S. Flower Street.


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