The Plaza at The Glen Draft EIR

Large Graphics

March 2009

Project Description Graphics:

II-1. Project Location [388 KB, PDF]

II-2. Ground Floor [2.7 MB, PDF]

II-3. Second Floor Plan [2.1 MB, PDF]

II-4. Third Floor Plan [2.2 MB, PDF]

II-5. Fourth Floor Plan [2.1 MB, PDF]

II-6. Fifth Floor Plan [2.0 MB, PDF]

II-7. Sixth Floor Plan [1.9 MB, PDF]

II-8. Seventh Floor Plan [1.8 MB, PDF]

II-9. First Level Below Grade [1.1 MB, PDF]

II-10. Second Level Below Grade Parking [868 KB, PDF]

II-11. Third Level Below Grade Parking [908 KB, PDF]

II-12. Victory Boulevard Elevation [588 KB, PDF]

II-13. Tujunga Wash Elevations [2.0 MB, PDF]

II-14. Hotel Elevations [3.4 MB, PDF]

II-15. Project Cross Sections [540 KB, PDF]

II-16. Rendering of Project along Tujunga Wash [676 KB, PDF]

II-17. Rendering of Project along Internal Street [676 KB, PDF]

II-18. Add Area [2.9 MB, PDF]

Environmental Setting Large Graphics

III-1. Aerial Photograph of Project Site [984 KB, PDF]

III-12. Location of Related Projects [616 KB, PDF]

Aesthetics Large Graphics

IV.A-9. Visual Simulation Location Map [2.1 MB, PDF]

IV.A-10. Visual Simulation 1 [920 KB, PDF]

IV.A-11. Visual Simulation 2 [688 KB, PDF]

IV.A-12. Visual Simulation 3 [812 KB, PDF]

IV.A-13. Visual Simulation 4 [940 KB, PDF]

IV.A-14. Spring-Fall Equinox Shadow Diagrams [2 MB, PDF]

IV.A-15. Summer Solstice Shadow Diagrams [2 MB, PDF]

IV.A-16. Winter Solstice Shadow Diagrams [2 MB, PDF]