SCH # 1999091090

SITE LOCATION:  15065 Mission Hills Road

Tentative Tract No. 52539 consists of a 116-lot single-family residential subdivision on a 28.76-acre site at 15065 Mission Hills Road in the Mission Hills community of the City of Los Angeles.  The proposed project includes the construction of 113 new single-family units. Two existing single-family units and the YMCA childcare facility would remain on the site on proposed Lot Nos. 93, 115, and 116, respectively.  Two existing single-family homes and one small shed would be demolished in order to construct the proposed project.  The proposed project will also require the reconfiguration of an existing hospital staff parking lot and the rear northerly retaining wall of the YMCA facility to accommodate the project’s primary and secondary (emergency) access.  In addition to approval of TT No. 52539, the applicant is also requesting a General Plan Amendment for the project site from a “Residential-Very Low” to a “Residential-Low” land use designation, as well as a zone change from A2-1 to R1-1. 

The project site is located near the northern of portion of the San Fernando Valley, within the Mission Hills community of the City of Los Angeles.  The project site is situated adjacent to the Golden Interstate (I-5) Freeway and approximately one-quarter mile from the San Diego Freeway (SR-405), and just south of the juncture of these two freeways.

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