TABLE OF CONTENTS - Technical Appendices Volume I

Appendix A
  1. Notice Of Preparation
  2. Initial Study and Checklist
  3. Explanation of Checklist
  4. Summary of NOP Comments
  5. Letters From Commentators
  6. Response to Comments
Appendix B
  Mitigation Monitoring Plan
Appendix C - Storm Drainage Environmental Impact Report
    Psomas, "Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District, Storm Drainage Environmental Impact Report," September 13, 2000.
  Table of Contents and Introduction to Appendix C
  Appendix 1 - City of LA Freeway Hydrology Calculations
  Appendix 2 - City of LA Hydrology Calculations
  Appendix 3 - Hydrology Map (available in hardcopy only)
  Appendix 4 - Staples Center Modification to Area Hydrology