TABLE OF CONTENTS - Technical Appendices Volume II

Appendix D - Air Quality Modeling Worksheets
      PCR Services Corporation, "Air Quality Modeling Worksheets," January 2001.
  1. Regional Construction Emissions
  2. Local Construction Emissions
  3. Regional Emissions During Project Operations
  4. Emissions from Electricity and Natural Gas Consumption
  5. Emissions from Motor Vehicle Travel
  6. Emissions from Miscellaneous Sources
  7. Local Area Carbon Monoxide Modeling
Appendix E - Traffic Study
      The Mobility Group with Kaku Associates, "L.A. Entertainment District EIR Traffic Study," January 2001.
  Cover and Table of Contents to Appendix E
  1. Introduction
  2. Existing Conditions
  3. Future Conditions Without Project
  4. Future With Project Conditions
  5. Parking Analysis
  6. Pedestrian System Analysis
  7. Congestion Management Plan Analysis
  8. Mitigation Measures
  9. Closure of 11th Street
  Appendix A - Project Trip Generation
  Appendix B - Parking Analysis
    Appendix A - ULI Shared Parking Report Summary
    Appendix B - Shared Parking Worksheets
    Appendix C - Pedestrian Analysis
      Appendix A - Walkway Level of Service Work Sheets
    Appendix D - Intersection Configurations
    Appendix E - 11th Street Traffic Counts