Montecito II Senior Housing Project

Los Angeles Department of City Planning

Case No.: ENV-2017-1504-SCEA

Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment Sections:
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction

  2. Project Description

  3. Transit Priority Projects Consistency Analysis

  4. SCEA Checklist Form

  5. Sustainable Communities Environmental Analysis

  6. Preparers

  7. Acronyms and Abbreviations
A. Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis
B-1.Tree Preservation Report
B-2.Tree Plan Map
C.Historic Resources Report
D-1.Geotechnical Report
D-2.LADBS Geotechnical Report Review
E.Phase I Environmental Assessment
F.Noise Analysis
G-1.Traffic Assessment
G-2.LADOT Traffic Assessment Review
H.AB 52 Tribal Notification

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