Weingart Projects

Los Angeles Department of City Planning

Case No.: ENV-2017-615-SCEA

Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment Sections:
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction

  2. Project Description

  3. SCEA Findings and Consistency

  4. RTP/SCS Mitigation Measures

  5. SCEA Initial Study Checklist

  6. Sustainable Communities Environmental Analysis

  7. Preparers
A – SCAG Executive Order
B –Site 1 Data
C –Urban Footprint Place Types
D –Aesthetics
D1.ZI 245
D2.Aesthetics Analysis
E –Tree Reports
E1.Tree Report Site 1
E2.Tree Report Site 2
E3.Tree Report 566 South San Pedro
F –Air Quality and GHG Technical Data
G –Cultural Resources
G1.Historic Resources Memo
H –Geology & Soils
H1.Geotechnical Report Site 1
H2.Geotechnical Report Site 2
H3.Soils Approval Letter Site 1
H4.Soils Approval Letter Site 2
I –Hazards & Hazardous Materials
I1.Phase I ESA Site 1
I2.Phase I ESA Site 2
I3.Phase II ESA SITE 2
J –Land Use & Planning
J1.Downtown Design Guidelines Site 1
J2.Downtown Design Guidelines Site 2
K –Noise Technical Data
L –Public Services
L1.LAPD Response Letter
L2.LAUSD Response Letter
L3.Recreation and Parks Response Letter
L4.Library Response Letter
M –Transportation/Traffic
M1.Traffic Report
M2.LADOT Clearance Letter
M3.Construction Traffic Memo
M4.LADOT Construction Schedule Email
N –Tribal AB 52 Memo
O –Water Supply Assessment
P –Energy Conservation
P1.Energy Calculations
P2.County Fuel Calculations