Revised and Updated
Final Environmental Impact Report

Sea Breeze Apartments Project


LEAD AGENCY: City of Los Angeles
CASE No: ENV-2009-339-EIR
SCH# 2010021020



1311 West Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

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Project Description
The Proposed Sea Breeze Apartments Project (known as Tract # 65665 Lot 2 and Lot 3) would involve the development of two six-story structures containing residential uses and parking. The Project Site comprises two lots totaling 222,906 square feet of land area: Lot 2 comprises 112,804 square feet and Lot 3 comprises 110,102 square feet. The Proposed Project would include a total development of 696,901 gross square feet, including 445,000 gross square feet of residential floor area and 251,901 gross square feet of parking and circulation areas.

The Proposed Project would include the construction of two residential structures. Both structures would include two above-grade levels of parking with four levels of residential uses above the parking levels. Both buildings will include 176 multi-family apartment units, for a total of 352 residential units (344 two-bedroom units and 8 three-bedroom units). The maximum building height on the Project Site would be approximately 65 feet. The apartment units would range in size from approximately 980 square feet to approximately 1,464 square feet. A Draft EIR for the Proposed Project was published on October 18, 2012. A final EIR was published on April 11, 2013, and an Errata to the final EIR was published on August 7, 2013. Subsequently, to address community concerns and to make it easier for the public and the decision-makers to understand better the potential environmental impacts of the Proposed Project, it was determined that a Revised and Updated Final EIR (the “Final EIR”) should be prepared. This Final EIR supplants and replaces the previous final EIR published on April 11, 2013.


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