Draft EIR Cover (35kb)

Inside Cover (7kb)

Table of Contents (28kb)

I. Summary (108kb)

II. Project Description (60kb)


III. General Description of Environmental Setting (55kb)

IV. Environmental Impact Analysis

A. Aesthetics/Views (72kb)

B. Air Quality (86kb)

C. Biological Resources (55kb)

D. Cultural Resources (38kb)

E. Geology/Seismic Hazards (83kb)

F. Hydrology and Water Quality (36kb)

G. Land Use and Planning (119kb)

H. Noise (97kb)

I. Public Services

1. Fire Protection (38kb)

2. Police (35kb)

J. Transportation and Circulation (123kb)

V. Other Environmental Considerations (37kb)

VI. Alternatives to the Proposed Project (136kb)

VII. EIR Preparers and List of Organizations

and Persons Consulted (24kb)



List of Figures

II-1 Location Map (157kb)

II-2 Parking Level Plan (855kb)

II-3 Plaza Level Plan (1,693 kb)

II-4 Upper Level Plan (492kb)

II-5 Project Model Oblique Southwest View (169kb)

II-6 Project Model Oblique Northeast View (302kb)

II-7 Conceptual Rendering (79kb)

II-8 Conceptual Rendering (57kb)

II-9 Conceptual Rendering (74kb)

II-10 Construction Phasing (1,179kb)

III-1 Aerial Photograph (377kb)

III-2 Lower Views of the Project Site (91kb)

III-3 Views of Middle of the Site (109kb)

III-4 Existing Site Improvements (122kb)

III-5 Adjacent Land Uses (100kb)

III-6 Adjacent Land Uses (117kb)

III-7 Related Projects (224kb)

IV.A-1 Photograph Locations Key (382kb)

IV-A.2 Existing Views of Upper School Site (131kb)

IV.A-3 Existing Views of Upper School Site (154kb)

IV.A-4 Previous and Existing Views of Vacant Site Areas From Rinaldi Terminus (93kb)

IV.A-5 Existing Northerly Off-Site Views Showing Adjacent Uses (115kb)

IV.A-6 Available Off-Site Views and View from Site Interior (135kb)

IV.B-1 SCAQMD Monitoring Stations (62kb)

IV.B-2 Sensitive Receptor Locations (380kb)

IV.C-1 Vegetation Map (379kb)

IV.G-1 Existing Zoning (195kb)

IV.G-2 Community Plan Land Use Designation (192kb)

IV.G-3 Chatsworth-Porter Ranch Community Plan Equestrian Areas and Trail Maps (86kb)

IV.H-1 Sensitive Receptor Locations (379kb)

IV.I-1 Fire and Police Stations (139kb)

IV.J-1 Existing AM Traffic Volumes at Analyzed Intersections (27kb)

IV.J-2 Existing PM Traffic Volumes at Analyzed Intersections (27kb)

IV.J-3 Project Distribution Percentages (26kb)

IV.J-4 Project Traffic AM Peak Hour (25kb)

IV.J-5 Project Traffic PM Peak Hour (27kb)

IV.J-6 Related Projects Traffic AM Peak Hour (26kb)

IV.J-7 Related Projects Traffic PM Peak Hour (26kb)

IV.J-8 Future Without Project Traffic Volumes AM Peak Hour (114kb)

IV.J-9 Future Without Project Traffic Volumes PM Peak Hour (128kb)

IV.J-10 Future With Project Traffic Volumes AM Peak Hour (126kb)

IV.J-11 Future With Project Traffic Volumes PM Peak Hour (126kb)

IV.J-12 Project Driveway Volumes (21kb)

VI-1 Alternative 2 - No Project/Single-Family Residential Development Alternative (528kb)

VI-2 Alternative 3 Reduced Enrollment/Modified Project Alternative (914kb)


Technical Appendices


Appendices EIR Cover (43kb)


Appendices Inside Cover (6,952kb)


A. Notice of Preparation (558 Kb)


B. Responses to the Notice of Preparation (5.8 MB)


C.                 Report on Preliminary Site Assessment, National Environmental, Inc., August 24, 2004.


Part 1 (2,054kb)

Part 2 (2,054kb)

Part 3 (14MB)

Part 4 (18MB)

Part 5 (11MB)

Part 6 (10MB)

Part 7 (9,860kb)

Part 8 (9,563kb)

Part 9 (10,027kb)

Part 10 (8,564kb)


D. Air Quality and Noise Impact Technical Report Sierra Canyon High School, Terry A. Hayes Associates, LLC, December 2004 (1,932kb)


E. Biological Resources Assessment for the Proposed Sierra Canyon High School, Larry Munsey International, November 2004 (12MB)


F. Archaeological/Paleontological Survey, Sierra Canyon High School, Los Angeles County, California, W.H. Bonner Associates, Inc., February 2002 (9,220kb)


G. Preliminary Geologic and Soils Engineering Investigation, Proposed High School development, 11023 Lurline Avenue. Chatsworth, California, SubSurface Designs, Inc., November 29, 2004


Part 1 (23MB)

Part 2 (19MB)

Part 3 (20MB)


H. Sierra Canyon High School Drainage Report for EIR Study, December 1, 2004 (18MB)


I.                     Traffic Analysis for a Proposed Sierra Canyon High School in the Chatsworth Community, September 2004, and Sierra Canyon High School Traffic Analysis Refinements, April 2005, Crain & Associates


Part 1 (12MB)

Part 2 (14MB)

Part 3 (12MB)

Part 4 (11MB)

Part 5 (10MB)

Part 6 (10MB)

Part 7 (9,611kb)

Part 8 (5,740kb)

Part 9 (5,649kb)

Part 10 (2,036kb)