Swan Hall Renovation and Addition Draft EIR

October 2010

Cover and Table of Contents [344 KB, PDF]

Executive Summary [250 KB, PDF]

1. Introduction [377 KB, PDF]

2. Project Description [541 KB, PDF]

Project Description Graphics

3. Environmental Setting, Impacts and Mitigation Measures

3A. Historic Resources [455 KB, PDF]

4. Alternatives Analysis [496 KB, PDF]

5. Other CEQA Considerations [102 KB, PDF]

6. Report Preparation [82 KB, PDF]


A.1 NOP [881 KB, PDF]

A.2. Comments Received on NOP [1.7 MB, PDF]

A.3. Initial Study [492 KB, PDF]

B. Cultural Resources Study for Occidental College, September 2003 [5.3 MB, PDF]

C.1. Swan Hall Rehabilitation and Addition, Historic Resource Impact Assessment (including O'Halloran Cost Estimate), September 2010 [1.7 MB, PDF]

C.2. Cumming Cost Estimate, July 2010 [176 KB, PDF]