Traffic/Transportation/Parking Chapter

YULA Boys High School
Expansion Project


LEAD AGENCY: City of Los Angeles
CASE No: ENV-2008-1799-EIR
SCH No. 2008051066


9760 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90035

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Project Description
The project substantially implements the campus expansion authorized by the existing Conditional Use Permit (CUP) issued in 1999 (Case
Number ZA-1999-279-CU-ZV-PA1), (and accompanying Mitigated Negative Declaration, MND-99-0151),while requesting amendments to
specific permit conditions. Among the specific amendments requested is the alteration of the enrollment composition, including an increase
in the number of high school students, while retaining the total enrollment cap established by the 1999 CUP. The applicant also requests
amendments to specific operating conditions in order to provide increased flexibility for typical high school activities. The project also
includes a reduction of the site to eliminate approximately 7,153 square feet on the second and third floors of the project site known as the
“West Wing.” The West Wing will be the subject of separate applications filed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The project proposes a
subterranean parking garage that would provide 100 parking spaces, and a total of approximately 19,953 square feet of new construction.
The project Applicant is requesting the following discretionary approvals: Site Plan Review Findings pursuant to LAMC Section 16.05-E;
Conditional Use Permit/Modification; Parking Variance/Modification; and Haul route(s) approval, as necessary.


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