Draft Environmental Impact Report

Academy Square Project

LEAD AGENCY: The City of Los Angeles
CASE No: ENV-2014-2735-EIR
SCH No: 2014111013        

Project Address: 1335-1357 N. Vine Street; 1338-1352 N. Ivar Avenue; 6331-6355                              Homewood Avenue; 6314-6372 De Longpre Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Project Description

The Project would involve the demolition of the existing buildings and construction of an approximately 498,599-square-foot mixed-use project containing offices, residences, and retail/restaurant space with associated parking. The Project would include approximately 233,665 square feet of office, and 49,135 square feet of retail/restaurant land uses in three buildings up to five stories in height. The Project would also include an approximately 215,799-square-foot, 23-story residential tower containing up to 250 residential units. The residential portion of the Project would also include a gym, a pool, and public and private open space. The Project would include 1,349 subterranean automobile parking spaces and 398 bicycle parking spaces. In order to permit development of the Project, the City may require one or more of the following entitlement approvals: (1) Site Plan Review; (2) Vesting Tentative Tract Map; (3) Master Conditional Use Permit for the Sale of Alcohol Beverages for on-site consumption within various restaurants and/or cafes and off-site consumption; (4) Vesting Conditional Use Permit to permit floor area averaging in a unified development; (5) Vesting Conditional Use Permit to permit a hotel within 500 feet of any R zone; (6) haul route permit; (7) demolition, grading, excavation, and building permits; (8) tree removal permit; and (9) other permits, ministerial or discretionary, may be necessary to execute and implement the project.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is available for review at the following locations:

Department of City Planning
200 North Spring Street, Room 750
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Central Library
630 West 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Frances Howard Goldwyn - Hollywood Regional Library
1623 North Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Will & Ariel Durant Library
7140 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038

John C. Fremont Library
6121 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038



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