Andora Subdivision Project

Draft Environmental Impact Report

Case No.: ENV-2014-3995-EIR
SCH No.: 2015021057


The City of Los Angeles has made available the NOTICE OF COMPLETION AND AVAILABILITY OF DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT (DRAFT EIR) for review. The Notice of Completion and Availability (NOC-NOA) can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Project Description

The Project Applicant is seeking approval of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 73427 to permit the merger and re-subdivision of the land and the creation of 44 ground lots, for a proposed development of a 42-unit single-family subdivision with 2 open space lots on an approximately 91-acre undeveloped site located on the westerly terminus of Andora Avenue in the Chatsworth – Porter Ranch Community Plan Area. Approximately 53.3 acres (or roughly 59 percent of the total Project Site) are proposed to be donated to a non-profit conservation entity to remain in perpetuity as an open space conservation easement. In addition to the two open space lots, approximately 18 acres of private property within the individual residential lots would be delineated as a deed-restricted area for the purpose of ensuring this area remains as unimproved open space.

The Project would involve the construction of an equestrian-oriented residential community along two new residential streets extending from the current terminus of Andora Avenue. The 42 residential estate-style homes would range in size from approximately 3,500 square feet to 5,500 square feet. The homes are proposed to be 2 stories and would range in height from 27 to 36 feet above grade. The Project's main access would be an improved 60-foot-wide public right-of-way extending from Andora Avenue and the second proposed residential street would extend from the proposed extension of Andora Avenue and would include an improved 54-foot-wide public right-of-way. The Project also includes the extension of existing water main from the current terminus of Andora Avenue under the guidance of the LADWP.

The Project Applicant is requesting ministerial and discretionary approvals as part of the Project that include, but would not be limited to, the following: (1) certification of an EIR; (2) approval of VTTM No. 73427; (3) zone change from A1-1 to RE40-1-H-K and RE20-1-H-K and establishment of the Equinekeeping District; (4) modification to the “Local Street Standard” for protection of several oak trees at Project entry; (5) approval of a Grading Permit; (6) Oak Tree Removal Permit; and (7) approval of a Haul Route.

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