Notice is hereby given to the general public of the availability for public review and comment on the following Environmental documents. This publication is intended to serve as our Notice of Intent to adopt the following Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) or Negative Declaration (ND). Documents are also available online at the Dept. of City Planning’s website CD indicates the City Council District, sf indicates square feet and LAMC indicates Los Angeles Municipal Code.


NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-19-024-PL: ENV-2019-1345. ENV-2019-1345-A. ENV-2019-1345-B. ENV-2019-1345-C. ENV-2019-1345-D. ENV-2019-1345-E. ENV-2019-1345-F. ENV-2019-1345-G. 15640-15700 W. Roscoe Blvd; Reseda-West Van Nuys. CD6. The project involves the demolition of 1 existing 8,316 sf commercial structure, and the construction, use, and maintenance of a new 7-story self-storage facility with 123,950 sf of floor area & 86 ft.  in height. The subject property, located at 15640-15700 W. Roscoe Blvd., is comprised of one 47,998 sf, level, and rectangular parcel. The subject property is currently improved with a 2-story, 8,316 sf office/commercial structure. The project will provide 7 stories of self-storage areas, in addition to a 750 sf office space. Additionally, the project will provide 46 surface-level parking spaces on the north & west side of the subject site. The project will provide 30 standard spaces, 4 compact spaces, 2 handicapped accessible spaces, 3 electric vehicle spaces, and 7 electric vehicle capable & ready spaces. There will be 24 bicycle parking spaces provided. The requested entitlements for the project are a Zone Change, Height District Change, Conditional Use Permit, and Site Plan Review, as the project proposes a development that would otherwise not be allowed by-right in the M2-1 Zone. The proposed Zone & Height District are M2-2. The Conditional Use Permit is to allow a storage building for household goods, including truck rentals, in the M2 Zone within 500 ft. or fewer from an A or R Zone, or residential use. The Site Plan Review is for a development project which creates or results in an increase of 50,000 sf or more of non-residential floor area. No other entitlements are requested. Documents are available for review at: Los Angeles Planning Dept., 200 N Spring St., Room 763. Please call (213)978-1492 to review file. You can email your comments to: REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: July 10, 2019



MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-19-025-PL: ENV-2018-505. ENV-2018-505-A-1. ENV-2018-505-A-2. ENV-2018-505-B. ENV-2018-505-C. ENV-2018-505-D. ENV-2018-505-E-1. ENV-2018-505-E-2. ENV-2018-505-E-3. ENV-2018-505-F-1. ENV-2018-505-F-2. ENV-2018-505-G. ENV-2018-505-H-1. ENV-2018-505-H-2. ENV-2018-505-H-3. ENV-2018-505-H-4. ENV-2018-505-H-5. ENV-2018-505-I-1. ENV-2018-505-I-2. ENV-2018-505-J. ENV-2018-505-K-1. ENV-2018-505-K-2. ENV-2018-505-K-3. 17346 Sunset Blvd.; Brentwood-Pacific Palisades, CD11.The Project Site is bounded on the northwest by Sunset Blvd., on the northeast by single story commercial structures on the southwest by a supermarket shopping center, and on the southeast by a steep slope covered with vegetation & climbing approx. 40 ft. above the level of the Site. The Site covers a total of 14,963 sf of lot area. The Site is improved with a single story commercial structure previously used as a fast-food restaurant & a surface parking lot. The restaurant has been closed for approx. 2 years. The Project will involve demolition of the existing vacant fast-food restaurant & construction of a 5-story, 60-foot, 9-inch mixed-use development containing 40 dwelling units & approx. 2,900 sf of commercial uses with 1 subterranean parking level. A retaining wall will be integrated into the southeast face of the building abutting a steep incline. The total project area is 32,225 sf with a floor area ratio of 2.15:1. The Applicant requests the following discretionary actions: Two Off-Menu Density Bonus Incentives pursuant to Government Code Section 65915 & LAMC Section 12.22 A.25(g)(3) to permit a maximum height of 5 stories & 60 feet, 9 inches in lieu of the 2story, 30-ft. height restriction imposed by Section 7 of the Pacific Palisades Specific Plan, and an FAR of 2.15:1 in lieu of the maximum FAR of 1:1 set forth in Section 8 of the Specific Plan; A Project Permit Compliance pursuant to LAMC Section 11.5.7 to permit a project in the Pacific Palisades Specific Plan area; A Coastal Development Permit pursuant to LAMC Section 12.20.2 for a project in the California Coastal Zone; A Design Review pursuant to LAMC Section 16.50 E to determine the project is in compliance with the Pacific Palisades Specific Plan; and A Mello Act Compliance determination pursuant to California Government Code Section 65590 & 65590.1 for projects located within the California Coastal Zone. In addition to the foregoing discretionary actions, the Project is requesting the following ministerial actions: (1) a 6% affordable housing density bonus; and (2) Parking Option 1, pursuant to LAMC Section 12.22 A.25. Documents are available for review at: Los Angeles Planning Dept., 200 N Spring St., Room 721. Please call (213)978-1290 to review file. You can email your comments to: REVIEW/COMMENT period ends: July 10, 2019