East San Fernando Valley Transit Neighborhood Plan



In anticipation of the construction of Metro’s East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Transit Project (ESFV LRT), and in response to a City Council Motion by Council Offices 6 and 7 (Council File No. 19-1289), City Planning is launching the East San Fernando Valley Transit Neighborhood Plan (ESFV TNP) work program. The ESFV TNP will align with citywide policies that support equity and sustainability while tailoring strategies to the context and needs of the Northeast Valley. The plan aims to support transit ridership and mobility access, expand future affordable housing opportunities, and support economic vitality throughout the project area. The ESFV TNP team will draft land use concepts and zoning proposals for adoption, along the Van Nuys Boulevard Corridor including areas within the communities of Panorama City, Arleta, and Pacoima.

The preliminary project study area focuses on a half-mile buffer along the Van Nuys Corridor, between the Van Nuys/Metrolink station to the south and the Van Nuys/San Fernando station to the north (see map below), which is all part of the initial light rail segment Metro expects to be operational between 2028 and 2030. The distinct areas surrounding each station will be planned contextually, in partnership with community members and stakeholders, for the duration of the process.

The work program is anticipated to take several years, beginning with initial public outreach during the spring of 2023. Bookmark this page for the latest news. City Planning will share drafts and post details of upcoming opportunities for engagement as outreach continues. For more information, please review the Fact Sheet. Complete the sign-up form below to receive email updates.

Because the ESFV TNP is a City Planning effort, it will not address rail construction or other Metro transit projects. For more information regarding the status of the light rail transit construction project, please click here to visit Metro's website.

Preliminary Project Study Area


Planning Staff Contact Info

To contact the ESFV TNP Team, email planning.esfvtnp@lacity.org. To receive email updates regarding the work program, please complete the sign-up form below.

David Olivo
Senior City Planner
(818) 374-9915   
Delia Arriaga
City Planner
(818) 374-5035
Elizabeth Jimenez
Planning Assistant
(818) 374-9907
Lilly Nie
Planning Assistant
(213) 682-6367

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