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Applications currently available in this system

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (Permit Clearance) [BETA]
Alcoholic Beverage and/or Entertainment
  • Alcohol (CUB) and Entertainment (CUX): Building Permit Clearance
  • Stand-Alone Alcohol (CUB) and Entertainment (CUX): Condition Clearance and Effectuation
  • Appeal Application
  • CEQA Appeal Application
Coastal Clearance
  • Categorical Exclusion [BETA]
  • Coastal Clearance (Coastal Exemption) [BETA]
Community Plan Implementation Overlay
  • San Pedro Community Plan Implementation Overlay
  • South Los Angeles Community Plan Implementation Overlay
  • Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Implementation Overlay
  • Sylmar Community Plan Implementation Overlay
  • West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Community Plan Implementation Overlay
Density Bonus, Greater Downtown Housing Incentive Area, or Measure JJJ
  • Affordable Housing Referral Form
  • Historic Preservation Overlay Zone Application
Redevelopment Project Area (RPA)
  • Redevelopment Project Area Administrative Review (Permit Clearance)
  • Redevelopment Project Area Referral (Pre-Application Review)
SB330 / Housing Crisis Act
  • Vesting SB330 Preliminary Application
Transit-Oriented Community
  • Transit-Oriented Community Project Pre-Application
  • Transit-Oriented Community Tier Verification
Virtual DSC
  • Slope Band Analysis [BETA]
  • Small Lot Design [BETA]
  • Virtual DSC [BETA]
Wireless Telecommunication Facilities
  • Wireless Building Permit Clearance
  • Wireless Pre-Application Review Submittal

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