Notice is hereby given to the general public of the availability for public review and comment on the following Environmental documents. This publication is intended to serve as our Notice of Intent to adopt the following Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND). Documents are also available online at the Dept. of City Planning’s website CD indicates the Council District, sf indicates square feet.


MITIGATED NEGATIVE DECLARATION-NG-20-006-PL: ENV-2016-3693. ENV-2016-3693-A. ENV-2016-3693-B. ENV-2016-3693-C. ENV-2016-3693-D. ENV-2016-3693-E-1. ENV-2016-3693-E-2. ENV-2016-3693-F. ENV-2016-3693-G-1. ENV-2016-3693-G-2. ENV-2016-3693-G-3. ENV-2016-3693-H. ENV-2016-3693-I. ENV-2016-3693-J-1. ENV-2016-3693-J-2. ENV-2016-3693-J-3. ENV-2016-3693-K-1. ENV-2016-3693-K-2. ENV-2016-3693-K-3. ENV-2016-3693-K-4. ENV-2016-3693-L-1. ENV-2016-3693-L-2. ENV-2016-3693-L-3. 3440-3470 W Wilshire Blvd, 659-699 S Mariposa Ave, 3281-3287 W 7th St; & 666-678 S Irolo St; Wilshire. CD10. Site is zoned C4-2, PB-2, & P-2. Height District 2 regulates permitted floor area ratio (FAR) but does not prescribe a height limit. Tower 1 will be 23 stories (282 ft). Tower 2 will be 28 stories (332 ft). Proposed zone change for P & PB zones to C4 would match balance of Site. Site currently consists of 6 subdivided lots & a non-subdivided remainder. Project is requesting a Vesting Tentative Tract to merge existing lots & re-subdivide Site into 6 lots: 1) ground (master) lot with a lot area of 316,438 sf; 2) residential (apartment) (airspace) with up to 640 residential units in up to 701,315 sf of floor area; 3) commercial (retail) (airspace) with an allocation of 2 commercial condominiums comprising up to 2,360 sf of commercial space; 4) parking (residential, commercial, office, & bike) (airspace); 5) existing 5-story parking structure (airspace); & 6) commercial (retail) (airspace) with an allocation of 2 commercial condominiums comprising up to 3,700 sf of commercial space. Project Site lot area is 320,534 sf (or 7.3 acres) & the Project Site lot area less dedication is 316,438 sf (7.26 acres). Allowable FAR is 6:1 (1,898,520 sf). Existing office floor area of 760,456 sf would remain. Project would include an additional 712,053 sf (10,738 sf commercial & 701,315 sf residential). Total proposed FAR would be 4.65:1. Project Site is currently developed with following uses: 4 commercial office buildings with ground floor retail uses that front W Wilshire Blvd & S Irolo St (Existing Office Buildings). Existing Office Buildings contain approx. 760,456 ft of commercial uses. Three-story parking structure along Mariposa to corner with 7th St (3 levels above grade levels & 1 level below grade). Existing 3-story parking structure contains approx. 1,191 vehicle parking spaces. There is 1 vehicle driveway (providing entrance & exit) on eastern boundary along Mariposa, just north of 7th St Normandie Ave. There is also access to structure from internal private roadways within the Site, which is provided from Irolo St. 5-level parking structure along 7th St (5 levels above grade levels & 2 levels below grade). 5-story parking structure contains approx. 707 vehicle parking spaces. There is 1 vehicle driveway (providing entrance & exit) on the southern boundary along 7th St at the T intersection with Normandie Ave & 1 driveway (providing entrance & exit) along 7th St, just south of 3440 Wilshire building. Mixed-use project will include: (i) 640 apartment units (441 studio units & 199 2-bedroom units); (ii) 10,738 sf of commercial floor area (5,538 sf of retail area & 5,200 sf of restaurant area [3,700 sf with 138 indoor & outdoor patio seats of high-turnover restaurant & 1,500 sf with 68 indoor & outdoor patio seats of fast-food restaurant]); (iii) 1,921 vehicle parking spaces (consisting of 500 residential & 714 commercial spaces & 707 existing spaces to remain). Project would involve demolishing existing 3-story parking structure, constructing 2 commercial kiosks (one 1,073 sf, 16 ft in height kiosk along Irolo St & one 805 sf, 16 ft in height kiosk along pedestrian space between existing buildings & proposed building, just off Mariposa Ave), & constructing a 23-story mixed-use building & a 28-story mixed-use building on top of a podium that is 4 stories above grade & 2 stories subterranean. Project provides 500 residential (23 short-term & 477 long-term) & 1,340 commercial (5 short-term & 1,335 long-term) bicycle parking spaces, which complies with the requirements of Bicycle Parking Ordinance. There are 30 trees in public right-of-way (sidewalk or called a street tree), of which one is a protected species & will not be removed. Of the 29 non-protected street trees, 19 trees would be removed & replaced. There are 29 trees on private portion of Project Site, none of which are protected species. Of these, 24 would be removed. Amount of soil removed or exported would be 137,000 cubic yards. Documents are available for review at: Los Angeles Planning Dept., 200 N Spring St., Room 621, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Please call (213)978-1397 to review file. You can email your comments to: REVIEW/COMMENT period begins 2/6/20 & ends on 3/9/20