Notice is hereby given to the general public of the availability for public review and comment on the following Environmental documents. This publication is intended to serve as our Notice of Intent to adopt the following Negative Declaration (ND). Documents are also available online at the Dept. of City Planning’s website CD indicates the Council District, sf indicates square feet.

NEGATIVE DECLARATION: ENV-2020-1620-ND. ENV-2020-1620-A. ENV-2020-1620-B. ENV-2020-1620-Ca. ENV-2020-1620-Cb. ENV-2020-1620-Cc. ENV-2020-1620-D. ENV-2020-1620-E. ENV-2020-1620-F. ENV-2020-1620-Ga. ENV-2020-1620-Gb. ENV-2020-1620-Gc. ENV-2020-1620-Gd. 6360-6366 Hollywood Boulevard and 1646 Cosmo Street; Hollywood, CD13. Project Description: The Project Site is currently developed with a vacant 32,980-square-foot building, which most recently was occupied with commercial office uses. The building is four stories with a two-story elevator tower on the roof and a partially exposed basement and reaches a maximum height of 82 feet and 1 inch from the lowest point on grade. In its current form, the building is nonconforming in terms of height and floor area ratio (FAR). The Project includes adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of the building, in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings (Standards), and conversion of the building into a 57-room hotel with 8,885 square feet of restaurant and lounge uses. As part of the proposed work needed for adaptive reuse of the building, the existing elevator towers and utility sheds would be retained. The Project would incorporate an activate rooftop with a restaurant, pool, bar, and sunning area (Activated Rooftop) and the addition of approximately 835 square feet of new floor area on the rooftop level to house a restroom, bar, and prep kitchen (collectively the “Rooftop Improvement”) for the Activated Rooftop. The maximum height of the small new additions would be approximately 10 feet shorter than that of the taller existing elevator tower and utility shed (those located closest to Hollywood Boulevard). The material of construction associated with the Rooftop Improvement would be differentiated from and compatible with the existing building. The new construction would be concentrated at the southeast corner of the building rooftop adjacent to the second, shorter existing elevator tower and the utility shed (those located closest to the alley), and would not be visible from the Hollywood Boulevard. The swimming pool would be approximately four to five feet deep, would be built over the roof, and would not be visible over the parapet. The new additions would not alter the existing historic material, features, and spatial relationships that characterize the Historic District. Under the Project, the existing exterior of the building would be retained and rehabilitated in conformance with the Standards. The highly visible Hollywood Boulevard and Cosmo Street elevations of the building would be retained and preserved, thus retaining the existing character-defining appearance of the building in relation to the Historic District. To allow for implementation of the Project, the following discretionary approvals are required: 1) Vesting Zone and Height District Change, pursuant to LAMC Section 12.32 F and Q, from C4-2D-SN to C2-2D-SN to remove the D Limitation and impose a new D Limitation, allowing a maximum FAR of 4.5:1 and a height of approximately 82 feet and 1 inch; 2) Conditional Use Permit, pursuant to Section 12.24.W.1, to permit the on-site sale and consumption of a full line of alcoholic beverages in the basement bar/lounge, the ground-floor restaurant bar/lounge, the mezzanine lounge, and the Activated Rooftop; 3) A Waiver of Dedications or Improvements, pursuant to LAMC Section 12.37.I, to waive the Project Site’s dedication requirements along Cosmo Street and at the corner of Cosmo Street and Hollywood Boulevard; 4) A Variance pursuant to LAMC Section 12.27 to eliminate two vehicle parking spaces otherwise required by LAMC Section 12.21.A.4(x)(3)2; and 5) A Variance pursuant to LAMC Section 12.27 to eliminate two long-term bicycle parking spaces and two short-term bicycle parking spaces otherwise required by LAMC Section 12.21.A.16(a)(2).

Please call (213)978-1319 to review file. You can email your comments to: REVIEW/COMMENT period begins 2/3/22 & ends on 2/23/22


NEGATIVE DECLARATION: ENV-2021-8629-ND. 5715, 5800, 5806, 5808, 5810, 5810 1⁄2, 5812, and 5814 N. Monterey Rd; 5321 E. Via Marisol; 456 and 460 E. Wheeling Way; Northeast Los Angeles. CD14. Project Description: The City of Los Angeles is proposing: 1) a General Plan Amendment to amend the Northeast Los Angeles Community Plan to re-designate the subject properties from Low Medium II Residential to Neighborhood Commercial General Plan Land Use, and 2) a Zone Change from RD1.5-1 to [Q]C4-1VL. The proposed action is in response to Council Motion CF 20-1426, which requests that the General Plan Land Use and Zoning of these properties be corrected to better reflect existing built conditions and to facilitate reuse of the existing commercial buildings in the Hermon neighborhood. The proposed General Plan Amendment and Zone Change does not involve the demolition, remodel, construction, or alteration of any structures, public facilities, or land.

Please call (213)978-1345 to review file. You can email your comments to: REVIEW/COMMENT period begins 2/3/22 & ends on 2/23/22