Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance


The Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance (Oil Ordinance) has been prepared in response to City Council File No. CF 17-0447, which amends the Los Angeles Municipal Code to prohibit all new oil and gas drilling activities and make any existing extraction a nonconforming use in all zones of the City.

Studies show that activities related to oil and gas operations have been associated with many potential negative health and safety impacts, especially when they occur in close proximity to sensitive uses such as homes, schools, places of worship, recreation areas, and healthcare facilities. Consistent with the City’s policies on climate change, Los Angeles is introducing regulations that would phase out oil activities altogether, improving the City’s overall livability while addressing long-standing injustices to frontline communities and communities of color disproportionately affected by the health impacts of drill sites.

In 2022, the Los Angeles City Council responded to concerns by adopting a motion to ban all oil drilling within City limits. The proposed Oil Ordinance would phase out these oil drilling activities, which are known hazards to public health and safety, by immediately banning new oil and gas extraction and requiring the removal of existing operations after an amortization period.

This webpage will serve as a resource for community stakeholders and interested parties on the proposed ordinance, and will be updated as draft regulations are proposed or new information is released.

For more information about the ordinance or to sign up for updates or contact staff, please email planning.oildrilling@lacity.org

Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance Fact Sheet

Draft Ordinance - Revised September 2022

Draft Ordinance - August 2022

The City Planning Commission (CPC) will consider the proposed Oil Ordinance at a public meeting on September 22, 2022. The agenda for this meeting is available at planning4la.org/hearings, and it includes instructions on submitting comments directly to the CPC. Due to concern over COVID-19, this public hearing will be conducted entirely on Zoom and will allow for remote public comments.

Audio recording of the August 30, 2022 presentation, Q&A session, and public hearing available are now available here