Invite the Housing Element Team to Your Next Meeting or Event!

PUBLISHED ON: February 21, 2020

Beginning in late February and early March, Los Angeles City Planning (LACP) and the Housing and Community Development Department (HCID) will begin the public outreach process for the Housing Element. 

The first three scheduled open houses will provide an overview of the Housing Element and include interactive opportunities for participants to share their vision, ideas, and thoughts on housing in the city. 

We encourage everyone to attend the open houses, but we also acknowledge that because Los Angeles is such a large and diverse city, additional outreach will be necessary to create an inclusive and equitable process and result. To that end, we do have limited staff availability to give presentations and solicit feedback at community meetings. Our staff started this road show of presentations last week at the monthly Plan Check Neighborhood Council Alliance meeting.  

If there are existing, planned, or proposed meetings of community residents, LACP and HCID may be able to attend, make a presentation, and solicit formal feedback to help inform the Housing Element process, depending on staff resources. 

Due to limited resources, HCID and LACP will prioritize attending meetings that meet the following criteria (however, all requests will be considered): 

  • Include at least 25 confirmed participants
  • Located in an area designated by the State Housing and Community Development Department as high poverty/high segregation (see online map)
  • Targeted to vulnerable residents, such as low-wage workers, affordable housing residents, residents with vouchers or rental assistance, tenants in rent stabilized properties, and/or residents that previously experienced homelessness or are currently unhoused
  • Targeted to residents that may need additional accommodations, such as families with young children, non-English speaking residents, residents with disabilities, and/or residents with limited literacy

To request a targeted outreach session, please contact with the following information:

  • Date, time and location of the planned/proposed meeting
  • Name and description of the organization(s) sponsoring the event
  • Expected number of attendees 
  • Description of expected attendees & how the meeting fits with HCID/LACP’s prioritization criteria
  • Description of any required or provided accommodations such as translation, children's activities, etc.
  • Questions about the Housing Element or housing topics you are hoping to learn more about