October Task Force Meetings

PUBLISHED ON: November 12, 2020

The full Housing Element Task Force convened in October to begin reviewing draft themes and concepts for the Housing Element update. These Concepts are intended to help frame how we as a city want the Housing Element to address the housing-related needs of all residents in Los Angeles. This is a culmination of feedback from the public and the work the Task Force has done over the last several rounds of meetings.

To briefly recap, in July, the City held the third round of meetings, where the subcommittees reviewed and evaluated policies and programs implemented within the current Housing Element. As a precursor to the programs and policies evaluation, the subcommittees met in May to discuss housing constraints, and in April to discuss housing needs.

Task Force members provided feedback and suggestions on which proposed concepts, and programs will be the most effective at furthering our vision and goals for housing and what may be missing from the proposed concepts.

Next, the Housing Element Team will convene a working group meeting among Task Force members to help inform the Site Selection process. Per guidelines set by state law and the CA Department of Housing and Community Development, the purpose of the land inventory is to identify specific sites that are suitable for residential development in order to compare the local government’s regional housing needs allocation (RHNA) with its residential development capacity. The inventory will assist in determining whether there are sufficient sites to accommodate the regional housing need in total, and by income category, and in accordance with state’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)guidelines.

Upon completing this current phase of the Concepts public webinars, and convening the Site Selection working group, the Housing Element Team will continue preparing the draft Housing Element that will be ready for public review and comments in early 2021.

The slides from the Task Force meeting are available here.