Task Force Meeting Summaries-April

In January, the City held the first meeting of the Housing Element Task Force, an advisory group composed of organizations and individuals with a diversity of housing experience. The Task Force is composed of four subcommittees representing different themes and needs within the Housing Element. These Subcommittee topics are:

  • Housing Stability and Tenure
  • Housing Production and Construction Innovation
  • Livability, Sustainability, and Resilience
  • Homelessness and Special Needs

This month, the City held the first round of subcommittee meetings. The two-hour meetings were held using an online webinar format, given the current public health crisis. The primary objectives of the meeting were to identify the role of the subcommittees, discuss the “big picture” vision, goals, and objectives from the current Housing Element, and begin to discuss the framework and approach to create an updated Housing Needs Assessment (Chapter 1 of the Housing Element). The Task Force subcommittees also discussed key themes that emerged from previous outreach events and wrapped up with an opportunity for the attendees to provide final input on any additional topic areas or data that need to be studied further.
The first round of subcommittee meetings provided an opportunity for Task Force members to build upon feedback provided at community outreach events, to help as the City begins to work with all stakeholders and develop a shared vision for housing security, accessibility, production, and livability through the lens of economic, racial, and needs-based disparities. Many topics were flagged for deeper exploration during the course of future subcommittee meetings, most emphasizing the need for equitable and proactive housing policies. Notes from each meeting, along with the presentation slides, are provided in the left column.