Business Group Outreach

PUBLISHED ON: October 8, 2018


City Planner Andy Rodriguez and Planner Julia Heidelman answering questions from the Southeast Area Realtors Group

Among the stakeholder groups our team has reached out to over the past few months is the business community, including the Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA), Southeast Area Realtors Group, and the Sherman Oaks Chamber of Commerce. These meetings have been a chance for us to familiarize business owners with the Community Plans Update process and gather feedback we can use as we develop the initial ideas for the plan update. To encourage businesses to stay in the Southeast Valley, they suggested a range of actions, including flexibility with parking requirements and increasing the diversity of housing types, both for rent and for purchase.  

Thank you to the groups that took time to host us and share their ideas. If you are part of a business group that would like to talk to us, email us at .