Zoning Code Revision

Welcome to the Zoning Code Revision Initiative

The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning is embarking on one of the City’s largest planning initiatives to date: a comprehensive revision of the City’s Zoning Code. The current Zoning Code was first adopted in 1946, and has grown from an 84-page pamphlet to a 600+ page book that does not reflect the City’s 21st Century needs or vision. The five-year work program includes four major deliverables:
        •New Zoning Code
          A clear and predictable Zoning Code that will apply to Los Angeles’s
          diverse needs and neighborhoods
        •Web-Based System/Interface
          An online Zoning Code that will allow for a customized and interactive
          on-line experience
        •Layperson's Guide to Zoning
          A series of easy-to-read guides to the Zoning Code that will help
          people navigate through
          regulations and procedures
        • Unified Downtown Development Code
          A new set of zoning tools for the revitalization of Downtown effective
          within the first 24 - 30 months of the program that will ensure it is
          poised to lead the charge for Los Angeles’s economic recovery

The proposal will result in a new Zoning Code that:

        • Establishes clear and predictable language
        • More effectively implements the Goals and Objectives of the General Plan
          and Community Plans
        • Offers a wider variety of zoning options that protect and/or
          enhance our communities
        • Reflects the diversity of Los Angeles and allows each neighborhood to maintain a
          distinct sense of place
        • Accommodates the City's current and future needs
        • Improves the built environment, economic vitality, and quality of life
        • Is an economic development tool that will help shore up and
          enhance the City's tax base

Our Department is committed to an open and transparent process that ensures that all stakeholders are given the opportunity to participate and contribute to the new land use and development standards. It includes an enhanced public participation strategy that with many opportunities for public involvement and feedback.

Project Updates:

Below you will find updates of the latest information regarding the Zoning Code Revision project.

These document are intended for prospective consultants who wish to submit a proposal to completely rewrite and simplify the City’s Zoning Code, and in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Scope of Work. Beginning on Friday, July 20, 2012, prospective consultants must access and download the complete Request for Proposals (RFP) at the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (LABAVN) website: http://www.labavn.org. The deadline to submit is Friday, August 31, 2012 at 4 PM.