Commercial Development

Commercial Development, 1850-1980 

Commercial Merchants, Builders, and Leaders, 1850-1980

Commercial Identity, 1880-1980

Hotels, 1870-1980

Post WWII Commercial Recreation, 1940-1975 
(includes the following:
Bowling Centers and Skating Rinks)

High-Rise Corporate Office Buildings, 1945-1975

Mortuaries and Funeral Homes, 1920-1980

Commercial Signs, 1906-1980

Commercial Development and the Automobile, 1910-1970 
(includes the following:
The Car and Car Services
Commercial Drive-in/Drive-Thru

U.S. Highway 66 in California (National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form)

Neighborhood Commercial Development, 1880-1980 
(includes the following:
Streetcar Commercial Development
Arterial Commercial Development
Neighborhood Downtowns and Villages
Post WWII Neighborhood Shopping Centers
Variety Stores
Neighborhood Theaters)


* Context/Themes marked with an asterisk are currently in progress.